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Please Let us Be Enlightened

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 06:02 AM
Hello There

Do we live in a world of chaos and disorder

I dont Believe so, I believe we live in a world being controled to do exactly as the controlers want us to do.

We are being led down this preverbial path of destruction as it is what suits them.

We are slaves to the ones whom want us to destroy ourselves by keeping the majority in a life of despair and poverty.

we are being taught to hate ,to lie, to cheat our way to a better so called life.

we go to work and the boss tells you to do things that are wrong for mankind yet you listen as you want your paycheck.

we are told by goverments that our nieghboring country is evil and must be destroyed and we do it because we want to protect our way of life.

we are told that you must follow one religion over another because the other is evil and they will consume into a world of lust.

We are told the hate the color of anothers skin because they are less then you and they only want harm you.

Well WAKE UP listen to your heart and mind.

we have a built in genetic code that tells us what is morally right or wrong.

you dont need to be told what to think so start to think for yourselves

i am 48yrs old and back in 1973 i was taken and shown many things that i did not understand i was shown images of destruction and anihilation i was shown some of the most scariest things in my life and i never understood why.

I wrote a poem how all the children go to heaven in 2011...and i could never figure out why on earth an 11yr old would write such things....I wrote stories of all the bodies and how they would be piled to the sky.

i was shown how people would be so complacent and just follow the paths of others.

i was shown how we would end up being the slaves that we are to become and we would just follow orders out of fear.

i was shown the demise of mankind and i could not figure out why this was so.

i have spent my life since then seeking the answers as to why i would be shown such things and i have been suprised at how in such a short time these things of the future would each and everyday come to pass.

so i am hare now saying to you stop and wake up and see what is going on here and you need to know we can change the way the world is by believing in yourself and knowing that we are human and that the only ones that can save us is ourselves.

there is no great savior coming to our aid....we the individual is the saviour

we were created as slaves to meet the demands of the controlers and they have used mankind to get all that they want from this beautiful planet earth and soon they will have no need for us.

We as humans have come into our own selfawareness and we have to show to the universe we have a rightful place here and that we can understand how to get along.

A long time ago when we were created they made us divided so that there was no way we could ever get along and conquer.

They made us different and gave us different alnguages to disable us and not to enable us.

We are their playthings and they are tired of us.

they plan to destroy 2/3 of the world population soon but we can stop it all if we learn to trust in ourselves and become more self aware and show that we know what is going on but we have to stand together as humanity.

these links are my own creation it is not for advertising or self promotion
they are strictly to help awaken the innerbeing

we are all genetically programed with morals and morality so lets use this to help us survive what is to come

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