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The HIV / AIDS Cure?

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:59 PM
The hiv / aids virus is curable, but is suppressed because this would mean the medical economy for meds would go down by millions, or even billions.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by Jefferson

Dear Jefferson

There is already a thread about this and I am trying to get the device made so we can try it on some of our patents. I have put the schematics out there but no one has made one up for us yet.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:08 AM
Most likely the same reason that there has yet to be found the "cure" for cancer, as well.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 01:28 AM
there was a BBC series last year, maybe the year before, about modern farming, and science? i cannot for the life of me remember the name of it.

in this documentary a scientist as a matter of spoke of farming algae in the future.

but he just glanced over his statement "we know this algae cures HIV"

as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say. he was focussing solely on his farming of algae as the excitement of his role!

i SOOOO wish i could remember its name. epic fail on my part.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by okamitengu

It might not be algae, but a natural chemical by a sponge could do the same.

Avarol, Isolated from marine sponge Dysidea avara.

Cytostatic agent which has potent antileukemic activity both in vitro and in vivo (mice). Also displays antibacterial and antifungal activities against a limited range of microorganisms. Inhibits HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.

Chemical profile and bibliographical references compiled by Enzo Life Sciences.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 02:08 AM
reply to post by Jefferson

As I have said in another post, the search for cures is a hoax.
If it has been found it will be suppressed.
There is no big money to be made off of cures.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by Jefferson

OP, I noticed the poster at youtube of the second video doesn't know what the network it was broadcast was, but CNN did report about it.

LA Times picked a brief update too, see the 2 links from the newspaper and Time magazine reporting on the CNN broadcast.

Nation In Brief
Blood of Another AIDS Patient Heated
June 15, 1990|From Times Staff and Wire Reports

Ethics: Medical Progress - Live! On CNN!
By Charles P. Alexander;Tom Curry/Atlanta and Andrew Purvis/New York Monday, Jun. 25, 1990,9171,970467,00.html

going by the "eyewitness news" under the reporter's name, it might be this one previously affiliated with CBS, but now Fox owned.

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:31 PM
Since this is already being discussed on other threads, I'm closing this one.

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