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Hoaxers and Theorists aid the government ;)

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posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 05:09 AM
Yes thats right , Conspiracy theorists (Not all by the way) like billy meier, Bob Lazar, David icke and Hoaxers like AB, etc Do the secret governements a BIG favour, Why?? Think about it ,not only do they discredit and make a mockery of Genuine Conspiracies, but by crying wolf over and over again, Any major event in the future could easily be covered up, and Any real whistleblowers will be afraid to speak out, The whole thing is a tangled ball of string and How will the general public EVER be able to find out the truth, It's mainly down to FAR FETCHED conspiracy ideas, (that albeit are cool as a theory and a discussion about the possibilities), but, when people CLAIM to have had tea and cakes with pleiadeans (ok slight exaggeration lol) and stuff like that, its no wonder people laugh at the idea of conspiracy, Its a shame because it discredits this field in general, and most people don't realise there are a lot of experts, and very intelligent , down to earth people looking for answers by using their brains and questioning every thing. It is these people we need more of, but do you think the stigma of a loony deranged nerd wearing a tin foil hat is ever gonna go away? Not by doing the above it aint
just my 2 penneth on something I thought about for a while now. Comments welcome. PS Please don't take this post as an attack on Conspiracy theorists because it is not!

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 06:27 AM
THe conspiracy theory community is great at keeping itself from ever discovering anything, or even if something is dicovered, bringing it to public attention.

I'd estimate 99.9% (999 out of every 1000) of the conspiracy community is faith based. That is, they do not publish facts based on logic and verrifiable evidence. Rather, they create ideas and just try to explain shadey evidence with these ideas. While this is fun, it is not productive.

To the general public it all turns into silly stories and assumptions, and if there is real research being conducted it gets drowned out.

Also the conspiracy community lacks sufficient number of educated, informed, and logical participants. Most conspiracy junkies collect ideas, and talk to others about them, and debate possibilities, but do not take things to the next level. Above the average net-surfing ones there are the prfitiers, those that make of something that sounds good to sell books or generate web-trafic for ad money. Then at the highest levels are educated proffesional researchers who dig through government documents, lobby for information freedom, and conduct scientific research. This last group is very very very small compared to other fields.

By far the worst trend, and the one that causes the most harm to the validity of the conspiracy community is the classic "link your proof" idea. That is the idea that the internet can provide some sort of evidence or proof.

In fact the internet is only a tool. When used to transmit data, such as the USGS site being used for the Earthquake threads, it is a good tool. When someone post a news article AS PROOF its counter productive. Someone ranting on or is hardly proof of anything.

So to sum up, I agree completely, its a self controling field. Conspiracy theorist are far better at disinformation than the government, because they make it up themselves.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 06:39 AM
Good reply quest, i think you hit a nail on the head there when you said about proof being on the net, It is so laughable to think that all the proof is gonna be sat there on a website hehe. Nice sig btw very intriguing

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 08:18 AM
I have personally thought that this AB hoax may have been fabricated by a government in some way. If they can make many believe, then show it is a hoax, then if someone says a meteor is coming, no one will believe it.

There still is the fact that for SOME reason, most of the worlds Navy is out to sea and there is an aweful lot of military movement going on. Something is definately up.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 02:03 PM
Great topic you have started 'Mindsmog'

My own opinion on the subject is that although there will be a some that are onto somethiang the majority will probally be hoaxes.

I think this aids the govenment as hoaxes will draw attention away from whats going on, will give people false leads.

Thats why its best to be able to have facts to back up claims etc

Great replies you lot


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