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Old Fashioned energy tips

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:26 AM
Hi, back again.
If you did not see my first thread titled:
SmartMeter Usage Guidelines?
You can check it out, but you will come back here after that to either fidn out about energy using tips or add some tips onto this thread.

this is about old fashioned energy saving ideas.
I used to listen to older folks talk about the days when they didnt have electricity, etc. and I learned alot. Wanted to pass it on.

During the summer, it gets about 100 - 104 in the shade (where I live). Pretty toasty. At night after it has cooled down, I open all my windows, and circulate cooler air into the house.
Early morning, it is much cooler. Around 10:00 am, that is when I close ALL the windows, draw the curtains/shades, and I have large pieces of cardboard cut to fit most of the windows. You dont want to close windows too late, becasue you will end up with warm air coming into the house. Doesnt matter what it looks like inside because I am not expecting guests. (I run AC when I have guests).
The cardboard is EXCELLENT for keeping your home cool, and dark. I also close some of the room doors, too.
For simple dinner cooking I use either propane stove on my porch outside (or an electric hotplate), this way it does not heat up my kitchen especially if my windows are still closed.

I am sure alot of folks heard about the wet gunny/burlap sacks. they help ALOT if you have animals in cages or kennels. I drape a large burlap cover over my dogs kennel, and gently water the cover until it is completely wet, then I lay the hose on top of it and keep the hose at a tickle....Sometimes we have a hose misting the area where my chickens are, so every so often, I will take a gallon jug and pour water onto the burlap cover to make sure it stays wet or damp and doesnt dry out.
when a slight breeze comes, the wet burlap keeps the kennel cool.

I have heard of the fan and wet sheet trick, but I never gave it a shot because I would still have to use electricity to run a fan, and I dont like the idea of a wet sheet dripping on my floor or having to put a tray under the wet sheet.

A lady told me a cool tip: we wash our hands over a large bowl, we can then use that water to water a few plants. Small amounts of hand soap or toothpaste wont harm the plants.
She also used paper shreddings or carpet remnants around her trees and large plants - it kept the soil moist and reduced the weeds.

I keep a few gallon jugs of frozen water in my large freezer..this helps keep the foods cold as possible in case of a power outage, plus it is water when you need it during that time, since most places cannot use water during a power outage.

During a power outage, you can use a part of a gallon of water to flush your toilet.

I mention here about power outages, because there are so many times especially during very hot days, the power does go out due to so many people using AC especially. So another very important tip here, is to plan ahead, becasue there can be the chance your power can go out during very hot days or stormy weather.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:34 AM
Put an ice block in front of a fan.

Run your dishwasher but not the dry part. Just open it and let it air dry overnight.

hang your clothes outside. My state passed a law saying that homeowners associations can no longer prevent this.

drop your water heater to 105 and insulate it.

When boiling something like pasta, just bring the water to a boil, then turn it off and just let the pasta cook in the hot water.

If you don't have to pre-rinse dishes for the dishwasher, don't. You can save 10k of water a year.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:56 AM
Here's another tip for ya...
Buy and install vent-able Skylights...
they serve a dual purpose... one they provide light to the interior and two as hot air raises they simply vet out the hottest air in the house...

Many big old victorian homes were built with these grand staircases simply to act as a chimney ,draw out the hot, bring in the cool... Now I don't have the kind of roof to allow a skylight... I just installed a turbine vent, (The old looking round ones that spin) whit those I vent both the attic and the living space.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 12:39 PM
For hot days, instead of cardboard and burlap..
Use mylar sheets(emergency blankets)
Those truly are a lifesaver..they work in cold or hot weather.

as for air movement..I have lived off the grid, and a couple 15w solar panels , a deep cycle battery, and an efficient 12v fan are very easy to implement.
if more cooling is required, a pump(12v) through a radiator from a cold well, with a fan can efficiently replace an air conditioner...

I got way more of these...including a solar furnace made of pop cans..(beer in my case) lol
Star and flag..

Love and light

P.s...not quite old fashioned but..we are in 2010 lol
Edited to add p.s

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 12:52 PM
I would also suggest that when it cools in your home at night prepare dinner for the following day, its easier and cooler, as far as preparing the next days meals, you can either solar cook, or build a small pit, as I have done with some cinder blocks and grates from an old stove. I don't know how to post pics but I have a few pics of the pit that I built.

Here's the solar stove site, in case anyone's interested, this has come in very handy, and easy, just cardboard and aluminum foil.

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