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The virtual universe vs real universe.

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 03:48 PM
I stated I would open a thread like this and here it is.
Please keep an open critical mind to this thread.
Ideas and points of view so far at least from my perspective on all of this.

1 The Virtual Reality Matrix is the new religion of the new age culture, and of the NWO.

2 It is, it's the truth and we are all one big illusion, one big entity that plays with it's self and makes pretend.

Why would they make a movie called the Matrix in the first place ? To influence people into thinking this is it ? So the Matrix was more of an electronic VR and less of a vibration theory but it's fictional either way. Take the blue pill or take the red pill, you decide, but why take any of the pills, I don't get it ? The movie does not make sense, what happened if Neo did not take any of the pills, it's a possibility, or took all the pills, what then ?

Is this movie a coincidence, did they want to advertise it to prepare people for this. The older religions are fading away because people hold less interest in such religions such as Christianity for example compared to let's say 150 years ago, so control is fading away. I hold no point of view on those religions so don't bash me.

Dalai Lama did visit leaders around the world, this religion is similar in nature with
Buddhism culture, is the Dalai Lama on it too ? He did visit and had a meeting after the Chinese goverment got upset if any of you remember this.

Is the universe fake ? Not so fast or yes it is.
So here are the arguments pro and contra from my point of view.
Since science is the only solid factor we can at least draw some conclusions.
Welcome to quantum mechanics.
According to this theory atoms are empty and can't sustain the mass there for it's a mirage according to David Ickle and some other figures.
But we learn that electrons are the ones holding things for example so you won't fall down the floor or you won't go thru the wall.

The electron decided to act different because someone was taking a look at it but wait, measuring devices somehow disturbs the pattern of the electron.
So is observing it by putting a flashlight on the electron causing the electron to become shy and act normal as in you can't tell the future because you looked at it and it's not dark anymore. Or is it a disturbance in the field of the electron making it act that way.Without observation or disturbance (it is one of the two you decide), the electron will cause a wave effect of multiple variations.

Multiple possibilities seen and explained better here.

The only strange part here is the wave effect, it's indication of possibilities, choices, free will if you will call it that. Now that is strange, I find it the most strange part, but far away from a VR universe. There are somethings I must admit don't make sense, but it's far fetched for let's call it VRU.
Relativity of particles is not Virtual Reality. Far fetched and this got me going is why one single particle create many variants, it will make a wave if not observed or disturbed (one of the two)

So is it observing it or interaction of light that changes the wave pattern to modify. You decide it for your self. I just want to leave for now here without getting anything else involved such as religion or anything else. Can't wait to get replies, cheers and please keep an open mind.

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 05:33 PM
It's amazing how observation changes the behavior of particles. If a particle has a personality than everything in the universe is alive. What else would cause it to modify it's behavior while under observation?

The word "matrix" has spun out of control since that film came out, and I imagine there is more than just one matrix of which humanity is a part; there would be many, in which case everyone is wrong because we live in the "matrices"...

Society is one matrix, the family unit is another, religion is another, democracy or communism or any form of government would be yet another matrix. The one Icke talks about, since you mentioned him, is an entirely different one and has to do with demons and/or reptilians.

So the question now beomes, how many are there? and why does humanity live within so many of them?

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 06:24 PM
i would like to get to the bottom of this but gota hit bed so i'll bookmark it and come back.

did they try to repaeat this experiment with 2 watching devices to balance out any gravitaintinal effect from the devices ?

ignoring that how can a single particle act like a wave.

has this been peer revived ?

none of this seems logical at all and i'm trying to stay open minded but too me it's as if the electron is hitting something behind the slit and is not acting against itself which would scater anything that got past the slots.

it's that or some force, none human is working to stop us getting the answer and the wave effect must be tested under lots of other conditions like frezing cold, hot and low gravity.

i want to check this out myself before taking anyones word for it because seeing is beleiving

one of the best threads i've ever seen on ATS and anyone realy looking for answers needs to take note IMHO.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 06:38 PM
Interesting stuff. I would like to add my own 2 cents about it all, what I feel about it all. Whether or not this is a fake universe or not, is a done deal for me. I had pondered that from the very beginning. I had discovered my inner voice at age 6, so pretty much my entirely life had been spent in meticulous inner struggle.

My invisible audience, with whom I communicate with internally on everything beneath the sun, has not wavered in its communication promise, in that it will provide me with the best logical attack to any quandary, and to rely on it and only it. In other words, trust no one others thoughts but my own, and stay true to myself.

The new age religion is pretty much a compromise on all world religions to come together in some way under a guise of human/spirituality evolution and alien mysticism (elder guides, secret chiefs, ascended masters). "they are here to save us, guide us, enlighten us"

This is to say that when the new world order gets here, it can only come here waving the flag of religious unification.

What I really find fascinating, is what religions will refuse to surrender. I can assure you, christianity will not be compromised. By definition, christianity will remain true until the end of this world, universe, life.

I often wonder what other religions could be this way. I can't speak for any other religion because I dont understand other's doctrine. However it would say something for their belief in their deity.

just my 2 cents sorry for the length.

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 07:42 PM
Or I guess it is and welcome to imagination land, the only logical explanation where logic does not make sense.

ignoring that how can a single particle act like a wave.

Not one particle, many particles shot one by one over an hour makes a pattern on the wall as a wave would make. It decides where to go, it does not go straight, one by one it will build the pattern wave, it pics it's destination once it encounters the wall with the two gates because you give it more than one option, more than a single hole, so it will crossover like a wave generated by two wholes.

One by one fired from the particle gun it will build up after the gates like a wave, after an hour it will look exactly as a wave. The fantasy gets even better, if you take a look at it there will be no deviations, it will go straight forward.

None of this seems logical at all and i'm trying to stay open minded but too me it's as if the electron is hitting something behind the slit and is not acting against itself which would scater anything that got past the slots.

It's known as the measurment problem, it can be in any place until you decide to take a look at it. It can be anywhere, if you don't observe it and it hits the wall it can be far off from the trajectory because it's following a wave pattern. Even stranger is if you want to see an electron you must put light on it to see it otherwise it's not there for you, you will still see it when it will smash into the wall in an unlogical way like a wave. Where there is no light there is posibility, chance the unknown, because you do not know the future so you do not know where the electron is. Light will make it appear in the right position, without light it can smash anywhere on the wall in one of the places where the wave would hit, this means one particle fired might hit in spot 1 or spot 2 or spot 3 spot 4 and so on, and the next one fired will do the same, after one hour where you see a pattern made as exactly a wave would make it, so you got a pattern identical to what a wave will target on the wall because it's waves until it hits, because when it hits you will notice it, you observe it so it's an electron with an atom and then molecules and who knows what it shapes, the world, the universe. In other words atoms exist only where you look, the rest is just waves, waves will turn into atoms, atoms will turn into molecules and molecules and so on up the later will shape objects when in fact we are a ripple in the ocean.

it's that or some force, none human is working to stop us getting the answer and the wave effect must be tested under lots of other conditions like frezing cold, hot and low gravity.

This is old, it has been tested over and over again.
Google measurment problem.

It's just waves, it's about observation, if you don't look at a atom it won't come to show it's self.
Check this out.

The world is the word of god,it's in the bible. Spoken words are waves, vibrations, your voice is a vibration. It's far fetched but I have the feeling this is it. It's in other religions, in science.

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