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The War that is and was the Best and Worst of us all

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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 09:29 PM
The war on terrorism, A personal view of the current status of the war of our age.

Today I watched television for the first time after our great Leader Ronald Reagan was laid to rest. Hoping for real news from this war and only found news of Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, and something about the economy. Then I turned it back off.

Maybe the war is over? or is it just the calm before the storm? is the media now looking away from this conflict? or is it just not news worthy any more?

I think we are at a time of great danger. Our nation believe it or not is in the Arab world and our enemies are growing in silence while we focus on other issues. Iran seems to keep pushing for nuclear weapons and there is a good chance that a pre-emptive strike could be in the works from the U.S.A. or if not the Israelis may take out Iran's nuclear facilities on their own. Saudi Arabia has became the haven to terror it was always suspected by me to be. and the last place any American should ever want to be. Afghanistan is still seeing battles with the Taliban though they seem more irrelevant now. And what have we really accomplished here?

We have shown to the world that we will not sit back and be attacked without some kind of retaliation. But that retaliation was ill planned and sent in haste and in some cases on flawed or false information. we are confronted on a daily basis with the prison abuse scandal in Iraq. and now may include Afghanistan, and in Guantanamo Cuba.

We have stepped back 2 steps for every one gained in this war in my view. and I am afraid we have only fed this enemy fuel for propaganda which will be used to further demonise us, recruit more terrorists and incite the Muslim masses. They will be shown things which to them will prove that we are the "great evil" so many in the muslim world have said we were all along.

We have watched this war with them. and have not really seen it as they do. They have forgotten the reason for this war and only see an evil aggressor, an occupier, The Great Satan.

The future is my concern, The future beyond the damned election which has and will politicize this war. The future our children will have to deal with. The future that could have found a path peace but chose to launch a war. Then jump into another land and claim it was a threat. and in the end does it really matter now why we went into or are in Iraq? NO because as far as I see it it was a major diversion from the actual war on terrorism.. and it has cost this nation in every possible way, it has fed our enemies and has won NOTHING. Even the Iraqi people can't figure out which side is the right one. Some question who was more Evil, Saddam or the U.S.A.

We will have to leave Iraq one day that is for sure. But will we have left it a better place. I say NO because we left it to the radicals who have already shown they will not let any non-muslim government survive. They will take Iraq and they will turn it into a Radical Muslim nation. Or they will continue to kill until they have the leaders they want. As far as I see it we will be a force of occupation in Iraq as long a the Bush Administration is in office. so anywhere from less than 1 to about as many as 5 years depending on the outcome of the next election.

What of Iran and North Korea, The other two nations named in the Axis of Evil? Did we just forget about them?

You cannot call a nation an evil and just walk away. That remark in a speech sent both nations of Iran and North Korea into a deep fit of paranoia.. and after Iraq invasion who would really blame them? Both of these nations named as Evil have set forth on a path to REAL WMD! North Korea actually has nukes now and Iran is not far behind. and they are very much on edge. Again who would really blame them.

If the ultimate goal of war is to find peace in the end you have to name your enemies and take them out. You cannot simply poke them in the eye and walk away. and then hope they will not want to later defend themselves.

In my view we have made more enemies in this war then we had going in. And the threat now is greater not less.

So are we safer now because of the war on terrorism or not?


posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 09:57 PM
We are NOT safer. Imagine if the "liberal" media were free enough to clearly show the people of America the astounding list of coincidences/conflicts of interest between the people who make the decisions about who we go to war with, and the actual people we go to war with.
It's amazing that these fools are leading us blindly down such a path. Or ARE they fools ? Are WE ?

If this were the sixties, all hell would be breaking loose in America. Perhaps now we are successfully dumbed down. I hate to say it, but maybe after we start getting drafted and killed , we will see things as they really are. Because, come on, in three years those evil terrorists sure haven't struck us again.
But anytime we question these things that don't add up, Bush says watch out, they could strike AT ANY TIME. You would almost think it's our own government issuing the threats.

The whole "my country right or wrong" mentality is narrow-minded insanity, no matter what country you're from. Zealots like Bush should ask themselves "what would Jesus do" but I don't believe Bush is a Christian any more than I believe that he is actually in charge.

Sorry, not to turn this into just another anti-Bush thread, but since these guys took over America, well....
look at the mess we're in.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 05:52 AM

But anytime we question these things that don't add up, Bush says watch out, they could strike AT ANY TIME. You would almost think it's our own government issuing the threats.

Interesting point Croker

I really think this war is beyond repair now. our best position is one of reacting not taking action. Going into Iraq was a mistake a huge one at that and no one can really argue that point. By all accounts before the war in Iraq began Saddam was "contained" with the no-fly zones. and now we have made a mess maybe no one will ever be able to clean up.

I think the military action in Afghanistan after 9/11/01 was the right thing to do, going after Al-Qaeda, removing the Taliban. but going to Iraq when we did was not a good move at all. in fact it has cost the U.S.A. in ways I hate to even imagine.

You are right there is always a sense of some unusual timing involved when our government issues a threat statement advisory or warning. it does make one wonder.



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