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ZDF Enterprises - The world in 50 years.

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 09:28 AM
I was searching around the interwebs and I stumbled across this site. It's a a somewhat interactive site that provides different projections of what the world will be like based on things like energy, health, transportation, etc. For example.

In 50 years from now:

Energy (with a video of Michio Kaku talking about it)

The end of the oil era? The energy of the future is a mix of fossil, solar, wind, hydrogen, fusion and nuclear. While quantum points revolutionize solar energy, methane hydrate, an energy-rich "flammable ice," is harvested from the oceans and scientists conduct experiments on space stations that can be reached with a up to 100,000-km-long space elevator moored to the earth.

I thought the methane hydrate portion was particularly interesting considering the BP situation right now. There's a possible CT written all over that one...


Medicine, genetic technology and health care are unthinkable without the microchip. The chip in our clothes relays information to our health management center; should we be paralyzed, a chip in our brain lets us move our limbs through the power of thought. Need a new heart? Through tissue engineering, organs are produced organically and transplanted with the help of 3D models and robots. And tasty high-tech foods will keep us slim and trim!

I hope you're all ready to be chipped soon! I know I am...

All in all I thought this was a pretty neat site for anyone interested in futuristics.
Of course, we can't expect everything predicted to come true. I must admit that I am somewhat saddened that this vision has failed to reach fruition.

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