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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 03:41 PM
This bin has been in vogue for some time. On the eve of each election, we are chanting the word "changement" promised to us on all fronts...
Turns out to be the wind. It's not the first time we're being had. The program of a government promise is the drunken guy promises

But the world soon forgets it's okay; just need to take a good budget, to speak of Health on the cellars you re-elect the following year.That way you can continue to operate in secret and men globalize world to enrich your buddies
Meanwhile great change! The fine political slogansYes we can, "We are ready", so you're ready!

For projects to be accepted you invent new expressions. Even the terms are purified to numb the population...
Reengineering of the State Or maybe you for deregulation is to soap me up your gibberish?
Meanwhile the offer you make every four years because if it's all this is, regressing is true! You truly keep your promises.No Sweat! (NOT!) In rule! (NOT!) Stop Exclusion! These are words that still exist ... No to I care less! (NOT!) Neo-liberalism ( NO!) No to imperialism! These are words that makes you fall asleep ...

It does not need great Theory to understand that all decisions are dictated by the economy even if it borders on derision.When corruption is evil and fattens buddies regime with our tax money. I call it a crime.
So why ?.I says no way! In their false changes chloroform. Who we impose back. All this under the guise of reforms.I think in this mediocracy where the convergence remains the exit door to counter ignorance.
Meanwhile the real changement whatever will go foward, I question and I counter-revolutionizes ...

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