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Self Levitation

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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 04:05 AM
Do we have the ability to self levitate? I often have a recurring dream where I am looking down onto a room, or world, from a high position - and I am very happy about it! The feelings I have are at the back of my brain that 'something' I do makes these areas sort of 'tingle' and I imagine myself floating, then hey presto I am air born.

When I am awake I can feel these same areas 'tingling' and I am thinking so hard 'float, float I can do it'.

Needless to say I don't! I have seen scratchy footage of the Indian fakirs who appear to float through meditation - has anyone actually witnessed this?

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 11:54 AM
It might be a dream or you might be having an out of body expericence. Look the term-google it- and see if it matches what is happening to you. Once you fully understand what is happening to you, you should have no fear. You might even learn control and enjoy it. I understand, boy do I understand, it is weird and scary to realize you have an ability or gift-especially one most people don't have. One big challenge is most people won't believe what you can do and mock you or worse, believe you and fear and loath you for being different. I don't mean to scare you, just educate you on the reality of your situation and maybe prevent some of the challenges tha I have gone through. If you want to chat about this further, you could u2u me.

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 12:21 PM
Kind of on the same topic...
Have you ever done that levatation trick with your friends?

You have someone sit on a chair. then put 4 other people around the chair one at each leg. You then instruct to have the 4 people use their index finger and only index finger to pick up the person on the chair. They are to place their index fingers under the armpit location and the knee location to lift and to only use the index fingers of both hands(I imagine that this makes it look harder than lifting with palms). Have everyone takes their position and begins to lift at the same time, it will be hard to do and the body will seam limp and like dead weight. Ive not been able to lift without struggleing.

Now have them line up again at their positions this time they are instructed to not touch anything from this point forward unless they are instructed to. Have one person put their LEFT hand ontop of the persons head palm down, and then the next person to the left (clockwise) does the same till all 4 have their hands stacked ontop of the persons head. Then repeat with their RIGHT hand till they have all their hands stacked ontop of the persons head (BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT HANDS STACKED). Instruct them to remove their hands one at a time placeing their hands at their side. Now instruct them to place their fingers in the arm pit and knee locations and to lift. They will feel a huge scence of weightlessness and the body they are trying to lift will also feel stiffer and in turn like a feather to lift.

Everyone that Ive tried this with works (And I try to find the biggest person in the room to pick up, along with the smaller people to lift) if you do the routine. Ive also done it doing a different version of the routine. Its is simply amasing. The body almost feels like its weightless and at other times when we focused on the task at hand it almost felt like the body is being propelled by "our" focus or mental thought and not muscle power.

Try it for yourself, it works. And is a great party gig...I've also thought about possiblitys that maybe this is something that could be used...or has been used...Pyramids....just a thought.

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