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Owe a Credit Card Company 250$? You Could go to Jail

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 10:47 PM

It's not a crime to owe money, and debtors' prisons were abolished in the United States in the 19th century. But people are routinely jailed for debt. "The law-enforcement system has unwittingly become a tool of the debt collectors," said Michael Kinkley, an attorney in Spokane, Washington (map), who has represented debtors. "The debt collectors are abusing the system and intimidating people, and law enforcement is going along with it."

Below are a couple examples.

Joy Uhlmeyer

Take Joy Uhlmeyer, who had been arrested while driving home to Richfield, Minn., after a visit with her mother. Uhlmeyer spent a night in a holding cell. Then, handcuffed in a squad car, she was taken to Minneapolis (map) for booking. Finally, after 16 hours in limbo, jail officials fingerprinted Uhlmeyer and explained her offense.

Looks like the cops arent even permitted to let you know why you're under arrest, isn't it a right to be told why your being placed under arrest at the time of your arrest? not 16 hours later...

Last spring, Deborah Poplawski was digging for coins to feed a parking meter when she saw the flashing lights of a police car. She was arrested, not for parking illegally, but for a small credit card debt. How much? Thanks to interest and fees, Poplawski was on the hook for a lot more than her original debt. Less than a month earlier, she learned by chance that she had an outstanding warrant. A debt buyer had sued her, but she says nobody served her with court documents. She spent nearly 25 hours in the Hennepin County (map) jail. The judge told her to fill out a form listing her assets. A debt collection firm used this information to seize her bank account.

Its not right to default on a loan, but sometimes you have a real reason as to why you couldn't make payments, unemployment is at an all time high, is it so wrong that you couldn't make payments so you could afford food and shelter? i doubt the people with debt are living the high life, well in most cases at least.

Erie that these arrest were done for as little as 250 dollars, looks like the private prison industry really is a valuable part of our economy

Source MSN

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:05 PM
Ive heard this has been happening all over, but when I know that a friend is in debt, and in fear of either harassing phone calls, or even jail time, I now send to the ones I care for this pdf that explains, how the system works and how to get out without a scratch. This is starting to get ridiculous, and until we know where we stand this will continue, until there is no one left to fight for those that are abused by the system.

So I say read up on these things, its simple, and NOT illegal, its just a way to learn how to protect and enforce your rights.

Peace to you...

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:56 PM
Usary laws are wrong against mankind fullstop.


Leviticus 25:37 Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase.

Deuteronomy 23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury.

Exodus 22:25 If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.


[2:275] Those who charge usury are in the same position as those controlled by the devil's influence. This is because they claim that usury is the same as commerce. However, GOD permits commerce, and prohibits usury. Thus, whoever heeds this commandment from his Lord, and refrains from usury, he may keep his past earnings, and his judgment rests with GOD. As for those who persist in usury, they incur Hell, wherein they abide forever

Yes I know there are scriptures supporting usary, but mankind is suppose to help & support each other, not kick them in the guts & spit on them when they are down.

Bankers are Wankers.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:25 AM
I'm with the last poster, and the link at the end of his post.

Anyone profiting from Usary should spend a year on the breadline, and see how well they fare after a week of living hand to mouth.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think that we have people on this earth who profit from others in this way.

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