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Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate Regions of Focus:

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 12:25 PM
Was doing research and came a cross a report . This report was done back in 2008. It shows and states that the government knew About the Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate Regions of Focus:
North America, Hawaii,
Caribbean, and U.S. Pacific Islands. For those of you that know and care about this you should go to the site and read it, but I warn you its 180 pages. Also did I mention that this report was handed to Congress at and by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change Research. On page 4 This is what it reads. Members of Congress:
On behalf of the National Science and Technology Council, the U.S. Climate Change Science Program
(CCSP) is pleased to transmit to the President and the Congress this Synthesis and Assessment Product
(SAP), Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing Climate, Regions of Focus: North America, Hawaii,
Caribbean, and U.S. Pacific Islands. This is part of a series of 21 SAPs produced by the CCSP aimed at
providing current assessments of climate change science to inform public debate, policy, and operational
decisions. These reports are also intended to help the CCSP develop future program research priorities.
The CCSP’s guiding vision is to provide the Nation and the global community with the science-based
knowledge needed to manage the risks and capture the opportunities associated with climate and related
environmental changes. The SAPs are important steps toward achieving that vision and help to translate
the CCSP’s extensive observational and research database into informational tools that directly address
key questions being asked of the research community.
This SAP assesses the state of our knowledge concerning changes in weather and climate extremes in
North America and U.S. territories. It was developed with broad scientific input and in accordance with
the Guidelines for Producing CCSP SAPs, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the Information Quality
Act, Section 515 of the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2001 (Public
Law 106-554), and the guidelines issued by the Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration pursuant to Section 515.
We commend the report’s authors for both the thorough nature of their work and their adherence to an
inclusive review process. If this peaks your interest then go here to read the report.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 10:34 PM
This report is interesting because at the beginning it seems to attribute the climate changes to man made greenhouse gases, but if you really look at some of the graphs and charts, it looks like the climate changes in natural cycles. Some of the charts show patterns that could not have anything to do with the industrial revolution.

I do not want to debate man made climate change, just thought it was interesting that they kind of debunk their own theory.

And the weather has been more extreme lately, more floods, and more storms, really not sure why, maybe it is due to natural cycles of the sun or volcanoes or something else entirely.

Many of the recent floods in the U.S. have been over the 100 year flood levels, but that is probably because when the dams and the cities were built, no one planned on it flooding and 100 years seems like such a long time away, but this is only my opinion.


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