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MUFON Case Sighting 2010-06-27

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 07:25 AM

Long Description of Sighting Report the sighting started right before the sun started to go down. I was at Summer Lake Hot Springs for a concert. This place provides a view of at least 15 miles of surrounding area for approx. 270 degrees. these ufo's were spotted above Summer Lake. At first: I noticed what looked like a streak of light across a large part of the sky. something had gone by at high speed at the edge of my vision. I kept my attention on that part of the sky. within a minute I saw it again, but this time it was more visible (brighter / slower movement). I ran to the tent and grabbed my camera. I witnessed what looked like balls of light moving in groups. these lights were a golden color and could be seen changing at a high rate between red,green,blue,and white. they faded in and out, as if they were disappearing and reappearing. some of the time they would stay in a semi-transparent state. I took pictures of the area whenever I saw them. much of the time they were moving so fast that I wasn't sure if I caught them. *** Later in the evening multiple balls of light appeared above the horizon. They seemed to be a few miles away. after taking a few pictures, they disappeared. moments later they were spotted by my friend. they were within a mile or less and where moving extremely low to the ground. My friend and I then witnessed the lights go into the lake and disappear. the lights then reappeared and were within what seemed to be about 1000 yards of us. the dark pictures are of these lights when they were what seemed to be a few miles away. the lights then disappeared back into the lake. they were seen moving at a high rate of speed and then disappeared. that was the last we witness of them.

This i found interesting I have ran this photo through few filters see below.

The image above I cropped and adjusted the Exposure,Colors,Noise and rotation don't ask why.
Zoomed in on object.

Source MUFON Case Files
Event Location: Paisley, Oregon, US

The original images can be found here:


Has anyone here got more info on this event.
My thoughts are man made [personal opinion that is]

Was not sure what to put as title sorry.

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