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A convergence of science and spirituality (free book)

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 08:56 PM
I linked to a chapter of this book in a recent thread but found a PDF download the author has on his website where he gives the book away for free. For those interested in spirituality or metaphysics its a highly reccomended read. I helps one grasp the ever growing overlap between metaphysics and physics. I believe one should study both spiritual texts as well as science to get the fuller picture of what the universe is from the "looking out" perspective.

PDF download

Chapter 1 Earth changes __________________________12
Prophecies ___________________________________13
Crop circles___________________________________16

Chapter 2 The foundations of science are shaking _______18
Newtonian physics _____________________________18
Relativity theory _______________________________20
Quantum physics ______________________________20
String theory _________________________________25
Chaos theory _________________________________25

Chapter 3 Science and consciousness ________________28
The Quantum Brain_____________________________29
Human intention_______________________________34
Hado effect ___________________________________35
Meditation and prayer___________________________37
The healing power of the mind ____________________37
Collective consciousness_________________________39
Psi experiments _______________________________40
Morphic fields _________________________________41
Consciousness: the ground of all being _____________42

Chapter 4 The zero point field ______________________44
The invisible field ______________________________44
A sea of energy________________________________45
Sonoluminescense _____________________________45
Harvesting the energy __________________________46
Vortex technology from antiquity __________________49
Hutchison effect _______________________________51
Disclosure project______________________________52

Chapter 5 The revival of an ancient science____________54
Flower of life__________________________________55
Platonic solids_________________________________59
Torus _______________________________________60
Golden Mean__________________________________61
Fibonacci sequence_____________________________62
Music _______________________________________63
Squaring the circle _____________________________65
Vitruvian man_________________________________66
Let there be light ______________________________68
Notre-Dame de Chartres_________________________68

Chapter 6 Aether vibrations ________________________72
The aether ___________________________________73
Wave Structure of Matter ________________________74
Sub-quantum kinetics___________________________75
Vortexes in the aether __________________________77
Implosion Physics ______________________________79
Universal principle _____________________________85
Aether and the zero point field ____________________91
Conscious energy ______________________________92
Phi and Love __________________________________94
The loving heart _______________________________95
Torsion waves_________________________________98
Akasha field _________________________________103

Chapter 7 Atlantis and the Earth grid________________108
The Earth grid________________________________108
The Earthgate project__________________________110
Ley lines and megalithic structures________________112
The lost continents ____________________________113
Pyramid Power _______________________________116

Chapter 8 The Giza Plateau _______________________119
The mathematical constants_____________________122
Location of the Great Pyramid ___________________123
The Giza plateau and the inner planets ____________124
A Bible in stone_______________________________129
King’s chamber and DNA _______________________131

Chapter 9 The mysterious DNA ____________________134
Human Genome project ________________________134
Junk DNA ___________________________________135
DNA programming ____________________________136
Bio wave computer ____________________________137
Intelligent Design _____________________________138

Chapter 10 Spiralling evolution ____________________143
Universal balance _____________________________143
Cycles in time ________________________________144
Auric Time Scale______________________________146
Time Wave Zero ______________________________152
Winter Solstice galactic alignment ________________153
Cosmic influence______________________________159
Changes in the Solar System ____________________160

Chapter 11 Science and the Scriptures ______________166
The Book Genesis _____________________________166
The Book Exodus _____________________________168
The Book of Numbers __________________________169
The Bible Code _______________________________172
Theomatics __________________________________173
Sacred geometry _____________________________175

Chapter 12 Awakening ___________________________179
Rewriting history______________________________179
Revival of Atlantean knowledge __________________182
Oneness ____________________________________184
The law of One _______________________________187
The return of the prophet _______________________192

I found it similar to the David Wilcock books which are also free, except it was much better written and didnt seem targeted at quite such a clueless audience. Im sure many of you have heard these topics but reading it all in one hit helps mesh it all together to get the big picture thought. It'd also make a great intro book to give to new seekers on the path.


posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 09:08 PM
cool, this will be good reading for ideas...i'll get on it tonite while i'm trading forex online all nite

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 06:49 AM
Thanks for the link. I'm always curious about what people are putting together that isn't making it to the book shelves.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 11:10 AM
Thanks. I've saved it and will comment when I've had a chance to read. Interesting topics, much to learn.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 11:21 AM
If you are uninterested in pure speculation and prefer rigorous conclusions, then this new book proving the mathematical connection between science and religion may appeal to you more:
(scroll down to the lowest book by the author).

If any book proves the existence of God in a scientific way (or at least provides such overwhelming evidence), this book does.

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