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We are Change Plans End the Fed Protest on Independence Day

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 12:22 PM

This article appears on the Infowars website.

First paragraph:

We Are Change groups from MD, VA and DC have joined togeather to hold an End The Fed protest in Washington DC in honor of Independence Day. The event will be on Saturday, July 3rd and the permits are already in. We Are Change groups have been putting up banners in the local area for the coming event. It is important not to lose momentum and to continue the energy that has sprung up around the notion of abolishing the Federal Reserve. With more and more public awareness as to what the Federal Reserve Bank is and how it operates, common people from the left or right have been getting behind this revolutionary idea.

Last paragraph:

The Federal Reserve is a cartel of private banking corporations which lend money to the United States. It is touted as if it were a Government Agency. IT IS NOT. The Federal Reserve Bank, through its inflation of the money supply and the distortion of free markets resulting from its intervention, is responsible for the current financial and economic crisis. The current round of “bailouts” and federal government nationalization of large segments of the financial sector further inflates the US dollar and disrupts the proper funtioning of the markets and will ultimately serve to plunge the nation into an even more severe crisis, quite possibly even into a serious depression. Our goal is to educate Americans so we can have a sound monetary system in this country, and not be held at gunpoint by a private banking cartel who pretends to be a government entity.

I love those words "common people from the left or right." Getting rid of the left-right paradigm is a must. If we could just do that, it would go a long way toward restoring our republic.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 01:04 PM
I would love to see an end to the Fed
but I just don't see it happening without
a revolution.

Even if Ron Paul gets elected Prez, he can't
end the Fed w/out congress approval.
But he can make their life a living hell
and spend gov resources to expose
their dealings til the SEC prosecutes
all of them into oblivion.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by boondock-saint

I don't see it ending either without a (peaceful) revolution. It is that important to the powers that be, and that entrenched.

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