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The Infamous Fields Is Here (Fields as a last name rather than a grandeur pasture)

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 03:54 AM
Hello to all ATS users and members. I must say I have used this site for the source of my intelligence since the day of my awakening, which was, as I remember, around two years ago (I would hope I would not have to describe my definition of the use of 'awakening'), though, I feel that this site has increased my ability to pursue the greater truth.

First of all, in introductory, I would like to share a little information about myself. I am a 20 year old college student (Senior in the fall), going on 21 in the beginning of July, at Washington State University (yes..the University that was stricken with swine flu! I may have actually contracted that strain for three days, weirdest sickness I've felt). But to continue in description, I am pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. This however, may go against a majority viewpoint. This viewpoint being assimilating to the American corporate society. This is besides the point and needs no further description.

I have consistently, throughout my life, questioned what was told to me. I searched for every piece of information pertaining to anything that was considered pertinent in the present society, be it within the United States or abroad.

I must say, I am willing now to contribute to the discussions on this website, rather than sit here and watch OUR planet fall to *Insert Expletive*.

So I am here and would love contribute to the ability to 'deny ignorance' in a society that is conditioned to be ignorant rather than to search intelligence (the majority of the world, and yes no source, just opinion!).

In addition: to the others that are interested in the advance of our race, be you atheist, agnostic, or an organized religion, as a whole here is a VERY interesting story, be it fact or fiction, that will most likely inspire you to further understanding of what is required in the basis of our humanity. This is slightly long but extremely interesting.

So thanks for listening to the rant. Keep on searching for the truth.


posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by Drypht

Hey there Drypht, pleased you decided to join the family ... so ... welcome to ATS and I look forward to seeing you on the boards. Enjoy.



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