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Increasing Intensity Of The Chaotic Node: The Gulf Of Mexico

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 08:17 AM
This thread pertains to the Oil Disaster, but it’s in Skunk Works because the information is from our ‘off world’ family. The man who brings this forth is a highly reputable scientist, brain researcher and sound healer. I trust what he brings forth. I know the ones who will come and bash, and that’s okay. This material needs to be brought forth regardless of the flames.

We are living in crucial times. Our tests are many. We need to RISE TO THE OCCASION AND WAKE UP FROM OUR IGNORANT SLUMBER. Our higher consciousness awaits us, and reaching it is imperative to how we will experience our coming days……..

“Now is the time to step into your spiritual authority if you have not already done so. A dividing line is being drawn by evolution. The planet is responding to human greed, arrogance and stupidity. Gaia will survive this. It is not clear if the bulk of humanity will.

Our suggestion is to not be frightened by these changes that are upon you, but recognize them as breaks in the walls of a prison that have been erected around you. Step through the cracks into your freedom. You are creator gods and goddesses. You hold an immense power in your hands, but you have been sleeping and unaware of the immensity that you possess. Perhaps with this crisis in the Gulf, more of humanity will awaken and demand an end to the old ways that threaten all life,”

May we all be blessed with strength and courage to see this through.

Increasing Intensity Of The Chaotic Node: The Gulf Of Mexico

You are entering a very difficult passage in this phase of the Chaotic Node. Danger to planetary life has been created through human arrogance, greed and stupidity. We are speaking here of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. You have not been told the entire truth about the situation by your media or by your government. The situation is dire and there are multiple possible timelines that intersect this event.

We wish to discuss some of these, but then shift our attention to you, the individual human. These timeline possibilities we are discussing are malleable, changeable. They are not written in stone, as the saying goes. There are so many factors involved in the ecological disaster unfolding in the Gulf; it is difficult to predict the actual outcome, as it will appear in your three-dimensional reality. And as we have said before, things can radically change even in the eleventh hour.

The oil and gas reserves that have been punctured are vast, and if it is not contained it will unfold into several possibilities.

One of these extreme possibilities is the extinction of much (if not all) sea life in the Gulf region and a transporting of the contaminants into the Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf Stream to the coast of Europe, where a high level of toxicity will negatively affect ocean life in these regions of the Atlantic. If the puncture is not sealed, pollution of the entire Atlantic Ocean is a distinct possibility, and eventually the rest of the world’s oceans will be compromised. The further away from the Gulf region, the less toxicity there will be. But one distinct possibility is an eventual contamination of the entire Earth’s oceans.

In a worsening scenario, the methane gas, the natural gases in this field, could erupt and break through the ocean floor creating a tsunami of immense destructive capability as well as the release of poisonous gases into the region.

Another worse case scenario would unfold if the rift in the ocean floor were large enough to create a tectonic shift that rises up from the Gulf into the Mississippi and into the Great Lakes. This would be a disastrous scenario far beyond imagination.

A continuation of the communication is at the link. Immediately following it, the channeler, Tom Kenyon, writes his thoughts and observations on the information.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 09:16 AM
seems to be the popular message these days

The Beginning of the End, or the End of our Beginning?

Our choice.

June 25, 2010.

I have written for over 10 years about our misguided choice in choosing dark gold oil energy as our prime energy source. All I can do is warn and hope for a shift.

I have great news to share: a new birthing is on its way, and as with any birth and the end of pregnancy, the process is altogether quite painful and difficult, often laden with anxiety, but Divinely Glorious at the same time.

Take some deep breaths and try to relax, as you are parts of the new baby, men and women alike.

A new world, a new Creation, is in the birth canal of the Divine Mother, seeded and blessed by the Holy Father, and we are ALL involved, knowingly and willingly so, or unknowingly, in this process. Soon we will emerge out of this arduous journey inside this dark tunnel.

If you live in FL or any of the Southern coastal US states, it may be a very good idea to seriously consider relocating for a couple of years. You will know when and if it is safe to return, if such is your desire.

You should have about a year, to maybe a year and a half, at the most, before things might really get harsh.

Much devastation to nature's bounty and the economical stability of our planet is likely to unfold.

Soon, all this dark toxic oil being released near the mouth of the Gulf stream will be sucked into it, and start spreading its tentacles of death world-wide. Large populations will commensurately begin to choke on polluted volatile and potentially flammable gases and find themselves de-energized due to greatly reduced levels of our primary source of life: oxygen, as large amounts of methane gas escaping from the crust fissure circulate in the ocean choking the oxygen levels, and much oxygen-producing phytoplankton and algae dies causing vast oceanic areas to likely turn into gigantic dead zones void of life. Our oceans produce between 71 to 80 percent of all oxygen on earth. They are literally our life-source. Our food chain will thence also be drastically affected and reduced.

Do not think for a moment that what has and is being done to Mother Nature will not affect us all in return.

As She gets drained of life energy, so are we, and so shall we. We are but One with Her.

As She gets fractured and broken, so shall we.

What within, so without. What without, so within, for all is One’s expression.

If you feel lacking life energy and deeply tensed lately, you are not having somatic problems. Rather, this is the reason why.

The amount of damage this oil leak will cause, will be inversely proportionate to our ability to rise to the occasion and challenge. How soon or how late we will see the rise of hope and solace will depend on the intensity with which we will engage, as one international human family, in the global consciousness quantum shift required and the degree of sincere great desire to change forever our unhealthy current living habits.

We will need to get off our deeply imbedded suicidal addictions to dark oil and raw greed, once and for all, and fast so.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by des9996

It sure does seem to be the message as of late.

I tend to believe that focusing on problems only fuels the fire. I usually will pop into a thread and mention that focusing on this or that is exactly what 'they' want us to do. And upon first reading this channeling, I thought ... they are just peddling fear. But I thought about it, and..

....this situation is not going to go away. We have to adjust to what is going on around us. We have to fight the good fight. Rise in consciousness is the good fight. In this way we rise above the fear.

I am still reading comments on another forum stating that the Hathors are just peddling fear, but I have a suspician they are sending a valuable message regardless of the fear it has the potential of instilling.

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