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Some notes on our prison planet/matrix

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 02:15 PM
I have studied religious and spiritual matters for some 20 years and wish to share my personal theories on the matter.Firstly let me state I am a deist I do believe someone or something probably plural set up this planet,the moon the tides and mother nature dictate that some intelligence was involved,who or whatever that was would seem to have left or died a long time ago.

At some stage what exists now superimposed itself over the top of the earth and mankind,I agree with the Gnostics what is in charge now is Yaldoboath(their name) and his archons certainly 'the Gods' have always been there in our 6000 year recorded history.

How the system operates is that Yaldoboath and his archons have set up false realities for all of the worlds major religions,the differences and hatreds between religions are on purpose to divide and rule the human race.The elite,the ones that rule this earth are in league with these beings and are in possession of technologies left here the last time the Gods were physically present with capabilities such as being able to bend time and space and others some 500 to 1000 years more advanced than common knowledge I have seen these technologies in action as I am one of the few whose memory cannot be overwritten by timeline collapses,yes Billy Graham is alive but in my life timeline he's died 3 times also in 2005 Israel was wiped off the map but they collapsed timelines and saved it,for a handle on this watch the movie Dark City the illuminati has told us in movies in abstraction much of what they can do.

Each religious sytem has its own magic system and non-human intelligences attached and own matrix how one tunes into this matrix is programming you take the software package or information meme be it the Bible,Quoran,Torah or whatever and download it,that in conjunction with 'spiritual guides' will tune you into the matrix or false reality involved; these matrixes can provide dreams,visions and synchronicities these experiences plus the egos involvement of time effort and energy convince practicioners they have found 'the truth'.

In the Western tradition we have Christianity the early 4th Century invention of Rome the real person whose public memory it stole was Yeshua Ben Yosef's whose writings and followers Rome exterminated from the face of the earth,it was the death penalty to have any of this mans teachings but they could not fully erase his memory so they created the Christ.This is what humours me about the interminable squables between Christians and others here as they are all on an archon programme,Christianity is a magic system as much as witchcraft Gospell means God spell.There are three main streams of Christianity,the Vatican,the Rothschilds via the Queen of England and the Rockerfellers via Reverend Moon,the powers that be own it lock stock and barrel.

Theres a start I'll respond to comments but suffice to say dont fall for the trap of organised religion.


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