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"minor technical hiccups" or "2000 Redux"

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posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 02:37 PM
Yes sir reeeee-Bob...........that's the scientific and technical name for "voting machines in Florida these days.

Is this a bad dream? Or do these clowns thing your average Floridian's going to put up with another stolen election...............They will riot and beat to beat any Republican official into senselessness with their walkers or run them down in their wheel chairs.............."Mad as hell and we will not put up with this any more........."

Fla. Voting Machines Have Recount Flaw
Sat Jun 12, 7:09 PM ET
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Touchscreen voting machines in 11 counties have a software flaw that could make manual recounts impossible in November's presidential election, state officials said.

A spokeswoman for the secretary of state called the problems "minor technical hiccups" that can be resolved, but critics allege voting officials wrongly certified a voting system they knew had a bug.

The electronic voting machines are a response to Florida's 2000 presidential election fiasco, where thousands of punchcard ballots were improperly marked. But the new machines have brought concerns that errors could go unchecked without paper records of the electronic voting.

The machines, made by Election Systems & Software of Omaha, Neb., fail to provide a consistent electronic "event log" of voting activity when asked to reproduce what happened during the election, state officials said.

Officials with the company and the state Division of Elections said they believe they can fix the problem by linking the voting equipment with laptop computers. Florida's two largest counties Miami-Dade and Broward are among those affected by the flaws.

NOW THERE'S A GREAT IDEA. THEY will hack the machine and fix it good.

Read entire report:


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