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Prodigiorum AC Ostentorum Chronicon by Conrad (Wolffhart)

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posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 08:11 PM

Often considered as the first modern tome about *strange phenomenon". Copies of the book change hands for large amounts of money. I wonder if i9t would be possible for ATS to obtain a scanned copy of this book and make it available for perusal on line?

If nothing else it would be a wonderful reference and glimpse into the psyche of the time it was originally published. Plus, it possibly holds accounts of encounters that, through modern eyes, we might see in w holly different light?

I know it's along shot but I'd love to see it and feel sure many others on the forum would to. Seems a shame that, to the best of my knowledge it has never been released in a modern form.

The closest i have found online is this site.

it would be really useful to have the book translated into modern languages? it seems to me to be a bit like only having the Iliad in Ancient Greek.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 08:34 PM
Hope these don't infringe any copyright ruules. However, both of these books are virtually impossible to find in their original form but are of a real interest to those on this forum.

The first is... Report on the UFO wave of 1947 by .. Ted Bloecher

Basically does what it says on the tin, but is pretty comprehensive and well worth the read.

The second is one right of left field, but i have added a link as it, is nothing else, a wonderful curiosity and well worth a read.

The Shocking Truth by Albert Coe.. chronicles the authors *contacts with aliens in the 1920s. To the best of my knowledge, this book is not some retrospective hoax.


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