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Governor Paterson seeks to expand DNA database

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posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 03:54 PM
Just wanted to bring this to everyones attention, as I searched for it and didn't see it. Apparently, "Governor Magoo" wants any criminal offender to have their DNA taken and stored in a database. England really is the flag ship for America

from the TimesUnion:

"Governor David A. Paterson today announced that he is submitting legislation that will require everyone convicted of a penal law crime to provide a DNA sample. Due to a flaw in New York’s current law, criminals who would otherwise be incarcerated based on a DNA match are free to commit additional crimes.

“DNA is the most powerful tool ever discovered to solve crimes, prevent crimes and exonerate the innocent, but remarkably in New York State we are still collecting DNA from only 46 percent of the criminals convicted of penal law crimes,” Governor Paterson said. “Today, I call on the Legislature to enact my all-crimes DNA bill, which would require everyone convicted of a penal law offense, as well as youthful offenders and sex offenders, to submit a DNA sample.”

So what happends when police start arresting people just to get their DNA in a datebase? That's what happened in England.

Then there is the question of DNA accuracy. In 2001, a state crime lab analyst named Kathryn Troyer ran some DNA tests on felons in Arizona and found that 2 felons shared a match at 9 of 13 chromosome locations. Heres the kicker, one was white and one was black. Something that is supposed to be 99.9% accurate should be able to make that simple distinction.

More police state BS. I must quote Peter Griffin here because it really grind my gears!

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 04:11 PM
America was founded on the basis of less government, more individual freedom. That has since went away.

If there is going to be a revolution, I'm positive they will take the next step in freedom. It would require a completely new system, but that's what humans like to do. Create. We have been in scenarios that do not allow us to fulfill our wishes for humanity, but the next step will ensure all technology and creations now and in the future will fit in just fine.

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