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Just want to pat every one on the back

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posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 07:05 AM
I've been up all night looking around at different forums, just to see what is being said around the net. I've just got to say, it sure is nice to come back to ATS/BTS for a breather…

It's amazing out there…I just a left a well know, anonymous posting site, and every time someone tries to have a serious discussion about something, some jerk has to put a lewd remark in the thread. I see these other social rejects starting threads with some off the wall attempted hoax, or childish comment to get whatever jollies they get from doing this.

It sure is nice to have a home here where some one can post something without being totally ridiculed for it… (set myself up for a comment…go ahead let me have it!) any way I have to go now and wash my face from all of the butt kissing I just did!

You guys/gals are great!

[Edited on 13-6-2004 by rcoreyn]


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