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Is a secret society without government or elite involvement possible?

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:44 PM
These days nearly everybody points to the thesis that every conspiracy is somehow related to the NWO or the Illuminati. Far out ones like about reptilians or ETs also point to the usual circles. Everything is thought to be connected to the perceived power structure like the governments of the nations, the mainstream media and the united nations.
Even more nearly every thesis suggests that the horizon of perception for these conspiracies has to lie inside the established control structures of society like the universities the economic market and the military.

What if there would exist a conspiracy which is in its own right responsible for changes and has its own control structures even not perceivable through regular channels. I am thinking for example about a scenario in which a subculture would have access to a one or several unique technologies which would enable them to act without dependence on conventional means of doing things.
The first thing that would come to mind are crop circles, they are more or less proven to be constructed by a unknown technology and do not fit into the general scheme of control mechanisms and power structures. More subversive in nature they would fit very well into a more literary grassroots
parallel society scenario...

But we do not have to stop here: There are several other phenomena which could perhaps be explained by a more holistic approach. If a subculture would for example have access to free energy and antigravity technology it may be possible to even explain UFOs. Considering the mysterious circumstances of the life and death of Nicola Tesla it may be thinkable that such a secret society which would descend from the people around him existed and still exists.

The only real problem with this thesis is that the infrastructure of such a conspiracy would have to exist somewhere in the world and could as such be exposed to the public if there were insufficient barriers in place. This leads to the next point that for such a scenario to be likely... there are several possibilities how this could have been accomplished:

  1. There may be technology available which can provide it.
    ( interstellar/dimensional travel, memory manipulation, mind control, 'the matrix', etc..)

  2. The origin of the society is inherently alien in nature
    ( extraterrestrial origin, transdimensional beings, etc.. )

  3. The means of communication depend only on cyberspace
    ( instant messaging, darknets, secret languages, subliminal messages, etc.. )

  4. Technology is so simple that it could be constructed without special infrastructure
    ( alternative physics, alchemy, ???, etc..)

  5. There is no technology
    ( astral traveling, telepathy, channelings, ascension, etc.. )

  6. The barriers are superficial or non existing
    ( unknown paradox, infinite chance, mass psychosis, etc.. )

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:47 PM
yes, many people are in a sort of "secret society".

My friends and I are in one, so to speak.

We have are own goals, slang and we meet and discuss our views in private.

So in a sense we are a secret society.

Hip Hop has it's own secret society as well.

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