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Quite strange, any interpretations?

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 12:54 PM
This dream could be absolutely nothing as most dreams are but it struck me as kind of odd, maybe I just spend too much time on ATS.

But if there are any interpretations I would be very glad.

I was in a house, I have never seen this place before nor have I ever seen the neighborhood it was located in. We had 2 people at this house that I have never seen before either but I knew them in my dream. We live in this house and I guess they were visiting for some reason.

Then I look out the window (I don't know which direction) and there were some hills behind the houses with a long road. These were very thick and dark clouds, they were strange because the extended to the ground. On the ground it had a thick layer and in the clouds the shapes of the clouds kept changing and were very scary looking. It reminds me of what you might see under a supercell but 10 times worse.

I told my mom to look out the window and she said it was nothing. The storm was racing towards us and I told her to look out again, she was pretty scared then. She said to close all of the blinds in the house, so we did. And it got very dark, the house begun to shake violently as the storm was passing over. it began to ease up some and I proposed we run to the big brick house down the road, I could see the house.

All of a sudden a meteor/asteroid crashed through the door I was about to run out of. I just moved in time, it was red and black and was smoking, it did not make a large hole in the ground as it was only about the size of a bath tub.

Then we began to try and find places to hide because we were afraid more were going to fall. I somehow got to the other door that leads outside and my sister is across the street, then I see a glass like ball fall and hit the ground, then others began to fall. I yelled to my sister to get inside now, she walked slowly as the ice balls(hail?) began to fall rapidly and were getting larger. She made it to the middle of the street when they became baseball sized. I told her to hurry and she began to run and then a huge ice ball fell on the other side of the street that was the size of a car.

As I was telling her to get inside I was looking at the sky because the storm left. The sky was a very beautiful light blue, almost white. And it had an orange hue to it as well, as the hail was falling it looked like snow in the sky. I just remember looking at the sky and being mesmerized because how strange it looked and just how beautiful it looked, I never saw anything like it before.

When she got inside we closed the door and ran to hide. That is when I woke up.

Any interpretations?

posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 02:05 PM
Just giving this thread a bump

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 09:30 AM
Classic End Times Dream, I've had many...

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 11:38 PM
I analyze dreams all the time I'm known to be pretty good at it''
I'll read it again a couple of times ,I'm really tired now but I'll come back with an analysis

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 11:47 PM
My answer is most likely way off. I'd say you live in the Okalahoma City area and are having this dream due to the bad hail storm that came through a few weeks ago.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 01:11 PM
OKAY HERE GOES. You began your post with Quite Strange that means that this dream made you feel uncomfortable or confused some way

you live in a house that is not your house in a neighborhood you've never seen

this indicates to me you have been feeling out of place or perhaps are changing your perceptions of reality for awhile

there are two people there you don't know in real life 'visiting' Jung says everyone in your dreams are an avatar of you I'm going by that

you look out the window are confused about direction but it turns out to be BEHIND where you see a road leading to hills covered in ominous unusual clouds that touch the ground and have ever changing shapes a problem whose nature is very hard for you to get an understanding of

I'm going to say in your mind your are fleeing from (because it is behind) an unresolved crisis that threatens to overtake you possibly again

you tell your Mom to look out the window and she says it's nothing,sort of like ignoring your problems will make them go away you tell her to look again and she closes the blinds this is a further confirmation that not looking at the problem means you will not have to deal with it
it is dark and the house shakes so you know that although you cannot see the problem it it is there
you decide to offer a solution you do not trust this shaky house it isn't safe so you decide you should all go to the 'brick house' representing greater safety and stability but before you can a meteor strikes it is fiery and smoking although not large is confirmation of your worst fears about the safety of the shaky house

you are trying to hide and locate a way out that's when you see your 'sister' walking casually as glass balls and then ice falls all around her ,she not afraid of the same things as you She hurries to you because you asked her to

once she gets there integrating with your fearless self? the sky becomes incredibly beautiful and you spend time wondering at it's mystical beauty

apparently the visitors are gone they where only there at the beginning

maybe next time you will not hide after the disaster is over

I'll have to work on figuring out the meaning if the almost white and somewhat orange colors

So Misoir,that's my take ,sweet dreams

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