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You want to protest? You REALLY want to protest? Here's the best, non-violent protest...

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 10:41 AM
Get 'em where it hurts - "Their" pockets!

I want you to think, right now, about how much money you really spend in the supermarket.
Now, I want you to think of how much money you COULD be saving if you grew your own food! ILLEGALLY! That's right. No need to buy property, no need to get government grants, 100% illegally grown local fruits and veggies!

And for those of you without a greenthumb, there's still something you can do. You don't always have to plant with seeds. Learn how to do cutting/cloning and you can find a nice raspberry batch or strawberry bush. it's really not that hard. and if you're feeling a little bit ballsy, you can go to a farm and take a little cutting off (you can even ask them, they'll probably let you) and grow it near a creek or ravine, or a bike trail, anywhere that is close by but out of sight.
Now - I don't want you getting the wrong idea. I don't support stealing from hard working people like farmers, but, just a single branch, probably won't even be noticed, unless you took a REALLY nice branch of a REALLY nice plant! But, I doubt most farmers are that attentive. Cuttings are also available in stores that specialize in that area, but I wouldn't get any cuttings or seeds from your supermarket or wal-mart. These seeds are often (maybe even 100%) genetically modified to eithe rproduce seedless strains (which is futile, what about NEXT year! the whole point is cost-effectiveness and sustainability, and seedless strains are neither).
Neither do I promote the growing of illegal plants. Marijuana and opium poppies areprobably 2 of the most commonly grown illegal plants. I am talking about sustainaibility, so plants that serve a function to better the environment and our health. Potato spuds are VERY simple to grow, and if you have the time you could make a nice potato plantation that is quite hard to detect that will yield a LOT of produce...although you will have to be careful about infections and rot.

The whole point is that it will not only teach you survival skills, it will save you money, it is better for the environment, it might beautify a forest, but that is a secondary aim and not the primary focus, and most of all - non-violent protest. This is a direct retaliation to the never ending chain of consumerism. This is a break in the chain. If you stop just ONE little purhcase - of tomatoes, potatoes, plantains, cucumbers, lettuce - you will have fought a worth while battle. and, imagine, if more and more people join this cause - think of the possibilities!

Not only would the idea of bought-and-paid-for property be diminished if not abolished, the community living would become much more bearable. It doesn't have to stop at just fruits and veggies, what about raising cattle, or chickens? These are backyard operations from what I understand of it. And it doesn't have to stop at food, what about cotton, or hemp? things can be MADE from these. One person has the skills to grow, the other to create. It would put a very nice bump in the plans of the elite - they DEPEND ON US, and WE HAVE THE POWER to stop them.

All it takes is a little bit of effort on your part.

have fun (and don't leave your house without the cloning solution and bottle of nutrients

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 11:48 AM
Seem a little bit easier to just go to one of our many local farmer's markets and grab some seeds and plant your whole yard. (Might wanna pull up the grass, but maybe not). NOTE: If the farmer's market you go to doesn't have seeds for sale, it's probably an establishment "local farmer's market", and you really don't wanna go there anyway.

In Kentucky, or really anywhere outside great basins or desert regions, you can pretty much just throw seeds around your yard and eventually they'll be food.

If the time for beautiful grass has not quite's quite simple to till an area even with a dern shovel.

I dare ya to take some seeds with you whenever going to a park (or anywhere you frequent really) and throw them around generously...but inconspicuously. "Oops...I dropped something. Oh well."

I kinda like tossin' around ideas like this one.

S&F for sure!


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