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Another Foray into the Clockwork of Politics

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:32 PM
Every so often I grace these boards with a thread full of my most recent discontent with the political system and the vanity of such affairs. Today will be more of the same, but I must start off with this:

Question every premise, never believe the party line.

Common sense, right? We are all on these boards to do exactly this, but so often I see nothing but a regurgitation of party politics here.... this is even more true on the 'Madness' forum.

I implore all ATSers to take their lives seriously. Do not just go through the motions. Life is too sacred and too short to be distracted by the facade of politics. Politics is based on a false, and extremely violent premise. In the face of a system dependent on violence, we sit, stare blankly, and pull the lever of Democracy as a slave ritual to tell our owners that we intend to change nothing.

The right and the left are not different. They are only tools to appease our natural sense of self-ownership and trick us into believing that we can effect our own destiny. The change we can make is no more than the hue with which we color our states. Red and Blue. That's our choice.

The whole of it is bankrupt of logic and resources. The media, the state, and our culture is hanging on, only by threads of fear and irrational social engineering.

We toil endlessly in the fields to feed this monster and make it home in time to watch Hannity or Olbermann, and thank the State for our daily bread just before passing out. And this is if you actually have a job. Your not even allowed to work if you will do so at a rate lower than the minimum wage. Imagine that, in a time where no one can find work, we can't even put a price on our own labor.

Our schools are the catalyst for subservience. We teach our kids how to be mediocre and the virtues of conformity and naivete. If ignorance was bliss why would we need so many drugs to make us tolerate our own existence? No wonder we are a medicated society. We have been kidnapped and abused by our illegitimate parents, the state.

We must free ourselves from these psychological shackles and realize that this is all a complicated version of the Allegory of the Cave.

How do you change the world? Invest in social capital. Simply, be kind to others. Be peaceful and live with peaceful premises. Be dangerous. Because in a world of violence on an unprecedented scale, peace is the most dangerous idea. And do not fall into the ideas of being 'good' and being of the system. One cannot truly be peaceful while taking part of the greatest lie, and human tragedy of all time. Break away from the violence inherent in the system and be dangerous.

All things the State does, it does in violence. The State is a magical being everyone believes in that has the power to do morally reprehensible acts with impunity. How is it wrong for me to steal, kill, and impose my will on someone through coercion while the same acts are seen as acceptable functions of the state?

It takes steps. Think about your actions and the gears and mechanisms that underline every institution. The key is to understand the premise of every idea and system and act in peace through every layer of society. Treat yourself with respect. Don't look for abuse, and Good-God don't vote for it. You are a real person and treat others with the same respect you have for yourself. Be peaceful and delight in the voluntary social exchanges you make and observe. It takes no hand of violence to force people to do as they would have otherwise.

Your life will change and you will see things differently. You will find what matters in life and not be distracted by pretty facades. Every little amount of peaceful logic you put into the world makes ripples all over. If we can come together human-to-human in peace, we can effect others and actually change the world for the better. Humanity will no longer be the instrument of its own destruction.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 06:45 PM
I find myself sitting and staring blankly in an attempt to get a sound grip of what is going on around me, to our nation, our people, animals and the environment.

When I think maybe things are settling down a little bit, I'm once again staring blankly at the obvious and purposeful neglect and abuse many in high places are inflicting and/or creating for future infliction.

I come here to ATS because of the many minds that are open and aware. It seems you are one of them.

I seek truth be it positive or negative or somewhere in between.

I would like to take a stand and without violence.

At this time, I seem to be searching for a better understanding of it all. I know I can be a part of a positive peaceful change as many are doing already.
I’ll figure it out.

This is a great thread, it says a lot!

Thank you


posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 08:52 PM
I thought I would resurrect this thread with this,

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