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Dream archetypes, nature of dreams...

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:37 AM
Good Morning ATS..!

I posted the following in a thread with ATS member Ptenjakin, and I realised that perhaps there was justification for a full thread on the nature of dreams, recurring dreams, and the significant archetypal characters/ scenarios we come across in our nightly travels.

My experience of dreaming has been quite profound, since early childhood, and I tend to take a lot of comfort, knowledge and wisdom from the dreams I have. Quite often, there seems to be a prophetic element to them; more about that later... For now, here's a list of the key recurring elements in my dream life:

1. Disclosure

= Trying to explain to others 'what is really going on'. Often a frustrating feeling is associated with these dream elements. Often find myself - either individually or as part of a small group - trying to discourage people from materialism / trusting the PTB.

2. Resistance

= working alone or as part of an underground movement - seeking to overthrow the devilish PTB that seem to have 'taken over' the outside world. It feels like we are working according to a divine masterplan, and that we are on the side of 'righteousness'

3. War

= pretty straightforward, in that these elements relate to what feels like an ongoing guerilla warfare scenario - spanning the globe. Quite often, as part and parcel of the ongoing conflict, I find myself being hunted by the military (in helicopters, jeeps, ground patrols etc).

4. Biblical imagery / prophecy

= Very clear, semi-lucid or lucid dreams wherein I'm present during the scenes described in prophetic Biblical books such as Daniel, Isaiah and Revelations. Examples include the burning blue mountain being cast into the sea; the sea which is as calm as glass; the sounding of the angelic trumpets (a horrendous, terrifying noise by the way, and nothing like a real trumpet - that was intended as a metaphor in my opinion)

5. Satanic and Angelic archetypes, the 'War in Heaven'

= Again, no ambiguity about this. The archetypal characters often introduce themselves. The angels are less concerned about being known for who they are, and can appear dispassionate in carrying out their duties (though there is always a positive aura). Conversely, the devils try to induce fear by giving their names, trying to generate doubts and self-criticism.

6. Experiences of Heaven and Hell

= Once again - pretty straightforward. Images and experiences, 'plotted' scenarios where the dream characters appear to follow a script.

In 'hellish' dreams, once 've been made to feel you're an equal to the ones around you, there's an inevitable twist wherein the demon characters trick you into committing a 'sinful' action. Regardless of the actual significance of what that action is (usually a form of anything self-indulgent or self-aggrandising) they then attempt to cause exponentially increasing torment - it often arises through frustration with aspects of the environment.

The 'heavenly' dreams are a luxury, and a strong source of hope. There is a calm sense of peaceful fulfilment. Nothing is left undone; everything in one's destiny has been achieved in the earthly realms. Friends are present, and the environment is beautiful. There is a phenomenal sense of clarity and optimism regarding the future.

7. Personal development

These dreams are often highly symbolic, and can seem particularly odd at first glance/first experience. I often find that while I am aware that I'm dreaming on some level, that I can't quite pull my psyche into a fully lucid state. I've started to put this down to the influence of my subconscious/ astral beings, restricting my lucidity in order to allow the teaching elements of the dream to 'play out' without conscious interference from me. I'll relay some specific examples soon, but in general they draw my attention to (for example) actions I should take, actions I should avoid, and character traits - both positive and negative. These dreams inspire me to continue in a quest of personal development, and help to convince me that I'm not going completely mad in waking life...!

That nicely summarises the main types of dream that I experience. More to follow, including specific examples and discussion of the nature of dreams themselves.


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:40 AM
NB - Mods, not sure if this is the best place for this thread - please feel free to move if necessary.

As it deals on some level with astral beings and events, I guessed paranormal might be okay. Otherwise, 'prediction & prophecy', 'metaphysics...' etc might be suitable, or even the Gray Area (please don't subject it to the Skunk Works though..!)



posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 06:14 AM
Not to discourage you, but I think this thread will be moved to BTS.
Nevertheless, I personally don't really believe in 'dream symbolism'. I do believe, however, that themes as falling, flying, drowning and buidlings represent something. But it's very difficult to determine if it really has a meaning, or it's just a random event/story your brain makes up in order to process things.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by -Thom-

Hey Thom - thanks for posting. With all due respect, I disagree with you when you say that this needs to be moved to BTS. Reasoning as follows: Many people believe that dreams involve elements of astral travel, contact from paranormal or extra-dimensional entities and so forth. As a result, there's enough weight behind the theory to mean that it's a valid area of paranormal/ metaphysical/ alternative topic investigation.

I'd suggest that there are definite differences between self-constructed, psyche-induced dreams (which are standard, and necessary for the processing of daily events, working out anxieties etc), and the more mysterious prophetic-type dreams, which quite often include archetypal or very specific symbolism, contact from 'characters' etc, relating to things well outside the remit of ordinary experiential processing or thought patterns.

At the end of the day, where this thread is to be found will be up to the mods. I'll be adding more stuff in later on, and hopefully it'll begin to promote discussion as explained before. I'm hopeful that it may even become a useful tool for folk to understand some of their own dreams. People who have a varied dream life, recurring dream elements, frequent lucidity while dreaming, or OOBEs during hypnagogic trance, usually put more 'faith' in what dreams are (or rather what they might be, or might be 'trying to communicate' into our psyches).

Dreams are however, very personal; "one who understands the manner in which dreams speak is able to offer interpretations". I'm generally able to offer clear interpretations of both my own dreams, and those of other people - often, these are considered pretty accurate, though of course it's all down to a person's life experience.


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 08:12 AM
the dream 'Themes' you outlined are not Archtypes (imho)

in my view your dream state is just organizing your vivid world-view into themes & dramas... that reflects your waking reality... and configuring a dreamtime reality into a recognizable 'landscape'
in which to ponder things/analyse ordinary reality inputs that are necessarily biased to your inner-selfs world-view.

look into the idea of a holographic brain & the unique 'patterns & connections of otherwise non-local neural networks' which are different (in pattern & scope) from those narrow circuits used in the everyday process of being a sentient being....

You are busy creating unique circuts, with a memory configuration which involves synapse firings in a wide range of regions in your brain..

perhaps you are prone to dream interpetation or having a shamanic talent....keep at it, & don't be distracted by others

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by St Udio

Thanks for your comment - I'm very strongly of the opinion that the brain is essentially an interface for us to interact with our 'natural world'. I have read a bit about the holographic theories - David Bohm had some interesting things to say about the physics involved.

Archetypes = universally recognisable characters / symbols..? IE - Wise Old Sage, Trickster, Hero etc. If so, then I do experience interaction with these archetypal figures in varying ways during dreams. The comment re: shamanic ability - agreed; we all have those abilities, and it's just a matter of tapping into them and developing them fully.

Quite often, the dreams I experience seem to me to be somewhat 'beyond' the normal realms of what we both agree the majority of dreams consist of (processing of ideas, events, problems of the day etc). It's those dreams which puzzle and intrigue me the most.

As an example, I once had a dream that included being carried by an invisible presence high over a massive ocean, and witnessing a masterful representation of the 'burning blue mountain' described in the book of Revelation as it smashed down into the ocean. I can guarantee that I wasn't exposed to any suggestion of that imagery prior to the dream. I didn't correlate it with Biblical scriptures until a year or so afterwards.

According to the holographic theory I looked at, time can be considered a sort of 'stack' or rising column that we physically move through; by adjusting our mental processes (via mysticism/ shamanic practice) we can start to tap into a more 'panoramic' view of reality, possibly even being able to glimpse the future. If advanced beings (eg angels, gods, extra-terrestrials) do exist, and are able to manipulate space-time, then it's my belief that such prophetic dreams may actually be genuine guided looks into a future which is otherwise non-evidenced & unpredictable.


posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

You misunderstood me I'm afraid. I said that I thought this thread will be moved to BTS. Not that I want it to
. And I really like to see some discussion going on in here, I stick around as usual anyway.

posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by -Thom-

Sorry for the misunderstanding Thom... I'm on high alert after a few arguments here on ATS recently. Appreciate the support, and thanks for keeping tabs on the thread. As you can see it's gone a bit cold..!

Anyway, will have a rethink about the premise, then will update or start a different thread. I meant to add that the quote I mentioned previously ("one who understands the manner in which dreams speak is able to offer interpretations") is paraphrased Emanuel Swedenborg, the 17th Century scientist/ mystic. His dream studies and 'shamanic' practices (no hallucinogenic drugs required) are absolutely fascinating.



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