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Supply shortages slowing Gulf oil spill cleanup

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 03:46 AM

MOBILE, Ala. – As countless tar balls washed ashore on a beach along Alabama's Gulf Coast, cleanup workers sat and watched because they didn't have the proper plastic covers to protect their shoes. Elsewhere, a crew using shovels and garden rakes worked for hours on a long stretch of sand that a machine could have cleaned in minutes.

BP says it's doing all it can to keep supplies stocked and has had to turn to foreign companies for help. But with demand so high for everything from plastic gloves, to oil-blocking booms and sand-sifting machines, finding enough items to outfit workers and protect the coast is an unending task.

"There's no chain, no rope. There's a shortage of steel posts in this area," he said. "They found some in Houston."

"What really hits me the most is the lack of manpower and the lack of equipment," said Jefferson Parish Council Chairman John Young.

Im not sure if I even believe this. I dont trust anything BP says about the leak anymore. I find it highly doubtful that there is a shortage of supplies...its day 57 now? How can they not be prepared for over 2 months????? Incompetence/not giving a damn at its best...... great job BP.

Havent a bunch of other countires already said they would help within the first days of the spill??? (Denmark, England, UAE, ect....) Of course we turned them down.....

What the heck is going on....if anythings going on...... jeez.....

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 03:56 AM
Hmm total secrecy and a lack of effort what does this add up to? We need answers and we need them now not next week or next month. The people are going to remember this one.

If I was in power I would do a reality check and fast. People will not forget when they loose everything. The administration needs to act and act now.

It is not Obama's fault directly but if he does not get a hold on it the people will not forget.

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