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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:35 PM

Yeah I’m gonna do it, I’m going to start this thread with the “Don’t kill the messenger” mentality.

This is intended to be an open thread to express differing views on the current Gulf oil disaster.

Let me first start out by saying that this is simply an observation and I am a nobody. I’m just a concerned guy who does very mediocre research and typically fumbles my way through complex reading material. Soooooo with that being said:

I have recently been seeing commonality among theories in regards to the Gulf oil leak. These Commonalities are growing like a wild fire over the net from multiple sources and are derived it would seem from the statements made on a recent Alex Jones broadcast where Pastor Lindsey Williams boldly states that a number toxic gases are being released from the gulf region, and that the powers that be are hiding the truth about this tragedy from the public.

As I read more about this disaster over the internet it seems that such claims as those made by Lindsey Williams are being peddled among the masses as “truth”, wrangling people to dogmatically declare the scenario to be as one Alex Jones article put it “ THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT”.
Here is the link for whatever it is worth.

In any case this same article went so far as to call this an Armageddon event.
Ok, don’t get me wrong, I believe whole heartedly that this event is quite probably the worst thing that has happened in the last one hundred years. I also think that it has the potential to be a life ending scenario for many, especially when coupled with the financial crises facing America and the world so many choose not to see. But I want to be clear I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.

My concern is driven by multiple factors , one of them being the propagation of possible fraudulent information leading to self fulfilling crisis. Another one is the concern that many of the claims made about this event may be derived from panic and possibly even dare I say? A desire for the apocalypse. The latter should be obvious to most seeing has how so many threads on ATS as of late have been incessant doom and gloom.

I appreciate conspiracy theories that’s why I come to ATS, but many of the statements made by some about the Gulf oil spill are akin to those early 9/11 conspiracies about holographic planes flying into the WTC buildings or particle beam weapon attacks on the same.

Look I tend to believe that Lindsey Williams is telling the truth as, and if it was told to him; and that is that:

BP wanted a deep oil well, they dug a little too deep and hit a batholithic section of Earth causing basically the slow eruption of an undersea oil volcano. This sounds quite reasonable to me in light of all the available evidence.

But all this seems to have derived from Lindsey Williams’ claims on a sensationalist radio show.
So I feel a little awkward for some reason I cant put my finger on where it comes to this guy.
Probably the same feeling that many others have as well.

Why Lindsey Williams, why is it that this apparent boondoggler for the elite in Alaska was privy to this information, If you’re elite why the hell would you share information with a nobody?

Moreover and I suppose most importantly, the way this alleged information is passed down doesn’t sit well with me at all. Treating this Williams character almost as if he were a pet of sorts, where upon calling his contact; “The Mysterious Mr. X” he is given the answers he humbly requests and is officially told what information he can disseminate to the public. HUH?……

I tried, like I said with mediocre proficiency and what time at work will allow to research and discover who this inside contact is. This Mr. X who apparently holds some ties to the elite by way of Big Oil Executive position. I heard Alex Jones state on air that he knows who his contact is but refuses to give a name. I have read through several forums on other sites attempting to conclude the actual identity of this individual but to no avail.

I find it hard to believe that no one has a plausible ID on this guy/gal with in the oil bizz.

So was Lindsey Williams correct or are we still waiting to see? I don’t know but I know that many secrets are indeed being kept and while the public is being intravenously fed a nice dosage of pop culture, the world is dying.

In order to determine just how serious the situation is we need to know exactly where the epicenter of information stems. The newest thing I have seen is this supposed Evacuation plan by FEMA.

I have heard all this before, and it is usually true though it is generalized by most. A little truth here and there to create a nice mélange of conspiracy facts, none of which can actually coalesce into reality.

I hate fear mongering. However I do believe there is a time and place for standing on a soap box and proclaiming warnings however general they may be. But when I hear folks like Lindsey Williams I get concerned and annoyed because of just how overly vague his sources are. Then you have people like Steve Quayle, who seem to step out of the wood work every time there is a potential disaster to state a non-facts, and potential false prophecies. Damn right ill hold the feet to the fire.

In any case this is a general topic where I would like to see the general opinions on the whole event going on in the gulf. If anyone can clarify or verify where this DOOMTASTIC DOOMSCIENCE comes from that would be great.
Everything from credble sources vs BS to the good and bad of Nuking the ocean floor

Just wanted to get some opinions and contribute to ATS.

In conclusion here are a few links to wet your whistle if interested.

Lindsey Williams' Doomtastic Info :

Doomtastic Tsunami from alleged plan to nuke well:

A doomtastic deluge of dangerous distortions delivered daily by diverse and delusional NON-Doomtastic doomscientists apparently suffering from dementia:

looks like we're phooked.


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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 01:30 PM
Lindsey Williams should be arrested and water-boarded to get the names of these "insider elites" that he is supposed to be so close to. If the pressure down the hole is as high as 70,000 psi, there is no point in drilling a relief well since there is no known valve arrangement that can shut off against that pressure. All he wants you to do is buy his overpriced $30 DVD and go on scaring the hell out of you. If he has real insider information, he should be arrested and held until he gives up his sources.
And those sources should be arrested and held until they give up what they know and how they got the information. How many oil executives from 40 years ago on the North Slope are still alive? Probably not that many. Arrest ALL of them and hold them until they start talking. By the way the company that Williams worked for was Arco. Arco was bought by - you guessed it- BP!!

I use top design piping systems for power plants. The highest industrial pressure I have ever seen is at the Philadelphia Electric Eddystone Power station using >5,000 psi super critical steam.


Be careful what these charlatans tell you think for yourself.

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