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Illumina Chronicles—The Fall Of Castle Nevra Pt 2

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 04:51 PM
The castle town of Nevra lay silent. The smell of blood and embers filled the air as the city lay in ruin. The Shadow Guard had certainly served their purpose.

Zoe would need to think Mathias for his help with the incantations.

Shadow manipulation was quite a feat, even for the most powerful of the magically inclined populace of Illumina.

Zoe had met fierce resistance during her walk through of the city, up into the mouth of the castle gates and she now finally stood at its doors. It had been hours since her siege started, but she was in no hurry.

Out of the corner of eye, she saw a quick flash of movement. Spinning around she whipped her dagger in the general direction, it made a loud “cling” as it struck something hard. The sound was not of metal on rock, more metal on metal.

“ Zoe, you’re getting pretty good at hitting moving targets.” Whispered a voice from the shadows.

“Humph, I should have known it would be you Arthur. What brings you do this lovely establishment?”

“I love what you’ve done with the place.” Answered Arthur, stepping out of the shadow and into the moon light and surveying the smoldering city.

Arthur had been her mentor when she was first brought to Illumina for magical schooling. A large man, clad in red and blue armor from head to toe, his great sword resting on his shoulder.

“You’re father sent me to check up on you. There are a lot of whispers in Illumina about what exactly it is that you’re doing here. You know that Central Continent has a peace agreement with us don’t you? You’re placing that fragile peace in jeopardy tonight.”

Zoe gazed passed Arthur up into the main castle. The oil lamps were being extinguished. A shadow guard manifested itself in front of Zoe.

“ My queen, as instructed we left no one alive, the only one’s left are in the castle keep, they’ve barricaded themselves and seemingly await your arrival.”

She nodded and the shadow guard vanished.

“It seems I am needed elsewhere Arthur, I’m sure whatever my father sent you here for can wait.”

As Zoe started up the steps to the keep, Arthur swung his great sword to slam the ground in front of her.

“Actually my lady, it can’t wait. Your father has instructed me to return you to Illumina. Whatever issues you and Inas have are not worth starting war with all of Central Continent.”

Zoe stared in disbelief.

“My father knows how important this is, it’s not my fault Inas decided to haul the entire continent into his little shenanigans. This would never have happened if he wasn’t a lying thief. You and I both know the Artifact is mine. If you stand in my way, I won’t be responsible for your death.”

Arthur roared with laughter.

“You can act tough around others all you want little one, but I know who you are and what you are capable of. I’m afraid you will be the one hurt. The use of force has been authorized.”

“Would you have come otherwise?” Asked Zoe, a smile on her face. Any fight was a good fight as far as she was concerned. She would not let Arthur stand in her way. Nor would she need to fight him either.

“Fine. Give it your best shot Arthur.” By this point Zoe had leapt away from Arthur staring at him across the central courtyard.

Arthur charged towards her, full speed. For such a large man he moved surprisingly quickly. As he leapt off the ground he swung his sword above his head, as he did so, Zoe could see the glyphs inscribed on the weapon glow a fiery red, just before it touched the ground a plume of fire enveloped the metal. The ground cracked and shook as the flames licked them.

She missed his swing just in time and while in the air, drew a series of glyphs in the air and pulsated all different colors.

“To Illumina.” She yelled as bands of multi colored lights shot from the glyphs and enveloped Arthur.

As they constricted around his neck, Arthur smiled.

“I guess there was no stopping you huh? I will make sure to thank Mathias for teaching you a banishing charm. He’ll be the first to witness your father’s wrath when I show up empty handed.”

Walking away, up the steps to the keep, Zoe glanced over her shoulder and playfully said:

“He can come get me himself if he’s so worried.”

By the time she’d turned her head, Arthur was gone.

“Shadows, gather..”

The four shadow guards appeared around her, ready to do her bidding. Mindless drones they were. A shame she thought, they use to be people once.

“Don’t let anything out or in., including my father. I don’t want to be disturbed while I’m serving Inas the cold, metallic justice he deserves.”

To be continued….

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 07:15 PM
This story is a continuation of Part I


Part III to follow.


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