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IMHO The BP disaster was deliberate and part of Agenda 21

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 01:05 PM
I have been viewing this board for a while now and my impression given the facts as presented here and elsewhere is that the BP deep water horizon disaster was deliberately executed by agents of Haliburton in conjunction with banking interests including Goldman Sachs. They are in my opinion doing this as part of Agenda 21.

It will cause the gulf region and much of the East coast region to lose economically as well as environmentally and people will move from those regions. The dispossessed people will largely be placed in the FEMA camps and exposed to delayed onset viruses by mass inoculation. Those who avoid the camps will become targets of the police control grid and put in prison work camps in large numbers.

The extermination will be orderly and conducted with stealth to avoid an uprising.

Well that is my way out there theory of what exactly is going on in the minds of these fools who run the world at present.

What do you think?

edited for dyslexia errors.

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