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A Muse (not the band)

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 09:45 AM
Hy guys

I put that thread into Music, cause it belongs 100% to Music. I know, normally clips etc are showed up here, but maybe you re easy with me, and let me bring up a conversation which belongs to music and the inspiration for it

Please remind also that english is not my native-language, so I might sound sometimes a little bit shizophren or stupid, but thats only if I dont know how I shall put my thoughts into the right sentences...

ok. after we cleared that, lets go to the topic

Maybe some of you know a little bit off me, and realized that I reported at some pages that

I am a MUSE.

(not the band, i ve to say that again again...)

I dont look forward for somebody who understand that. Guess I wouldnt find somebody.

Everybody know the stories about some muses. Into the greece-sagas, etc.. You find them everywhere in all countries (shure with other names) and in many stories or legends or myths..

But I know for shure that everybody is laughing, when i say i am a muse.. All are laughing, or think im not right into the head.. But thats normal. I know that nobody can understand it.

A bee also dont understand an elephant.. is so, and will always be like that.

I will tell you what a Muse has to do at earth:

Bring the lines who are written up there, down to earth.

Its like a big fat line up there into the universe. A line full with music, sound and beats. Like a loop.
All the day, all the night.
Everything runs through my mind.
When I was young, I didnt pay much attention to that. But the last years I recognized, that this isnt something everybody has.
I will explain it:
If I hear a song, my mind start to run extremly fast and I get a completly different full version of that song. Other words, another meaning, only the sound is the same.. i dont hear the words.. I get my own

The interesting part is, if i hear music from people who are death. This music I hear completly normal. Dont ask me why..
When I dont have sound on, i also hear music. All the time. But I dont use that for my own, cause i cant. The words and the sound etc are too fast that I can catch them.
I always feel then like a jumping ball. Cause my mind is up there and down here at the same time and the music is running through me into somebody else.
That can feel like hard work sometimes..

Be the shield between stage and people.

I know, I know.. that sounds strange. But it is

You ve no idea how oftly I dreamed that. How oftly I made that.
Spreading my wings to save the musicans. Cause they would get run over without that.
Hold the feeling down.
At a gig the emotions of the people spread up really high. Without the wall between a stage and the audience the people at stage would get crazy at a point.
Its the "wanting" from the people, which would bring bad energy into the souls of the musicans. The most people who stand down there and look at the stage like it is everything they ever wanted. The people who would kill to get a look from a "star". Or run stupid for an autogramm.
If the stage wouldnt be high as they are, the people would run through it. Shure, there are securities who hold the people down. But not they alone build that wall. Everybody who ever was at a gig, or stand at stage, know what i mean.
Shure, you cant see that wall, but it is there.

I dont say here that I build that wall alone.
I only say that i can see it. That i feel it. Like I am the wall.
Not always.. shure, how could it be.. there are many other beings involved.
Sometimes it is like a vision which comes over me. I can feel it, like I would stand infront of all those people. Like I would be the one, they re screaming at.
I can feel everything, the nervous, the kick when the gig runs, etc..
Its the feeling of EVERYTHING!
Imagine how crazy it is if you re alone at home, and from one moment to the next you feel like you stand infront of many many people. But you still sit alone at home. Guess me, you wouldnt understand it a long time..

Show up into dreams, to bring the truth back to earth.

Yeah.. at that point.. I cant explain it very well.
I am a dreamer, get always lucid dreams. I never dream normal.
Shure that I make my rounds into the dreamworld.. or ?

Maybe you trust me, maybe you think Im crazy..
The point is that some muses exist.
To bring love and light into the darkness of the world.
To save those who have to go into the dark
to be the line between reality and fiction.
Cause there the inspiration is at home


Nia Wind

posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 04:10 PM
I think the muses today are the underground artists who make music about what really matters.

A good example I found today is this one.



posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 05:43 AM
no other replies

a big thx to grey

come on guys... you dont ve anything to say to my thread?
that cant be!

a feeling alone


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