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[RINGS] Ring Locations

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posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 09:35 AM
Are the ring locations no longer relevant? The information needed to locate them has been stolen.
On the website it states that Hammurabi knew the words of power.
That he based his ' code of law ' on them.
We then have the ' Great Law Preamble ' which contains name after name of Sumerian and Babylonian Deities.
Hammurabi is clearly showing himself as deeply pious man. He would very likely have revered the only thing greater than himself. Although that said the rings pre-date Hammurabi and would be the names of the earliest sumerian gods.

They could even be words associated with law and equality, as these are the foundation of Hammurabi's ' Code of Law '
Code of Law

Note. the passage on is taken from the beginning of the code of law seen above.


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