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stop thinking!!!

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 12:47 PM
my first thread... how exciting! lol

this thread is simple... i've been reading posts on this site for at least 2 years...2 really long years... and there's been so much negativity that it has to be brought to light, for open minded people on this site we seem to be doing alot of the misguided stuff, i.e creating threads that SHOWCASE a certain aspect of whats going on in the present and giving it top preference over other things that really matter such as positive things, like being happy and just living a good life,
and leading a good life is what ive been trying to do, and trying is half the battle
and by good life i mean focusing on being a good friend, being a good family member, doing whats right, taking the road less travelled and using honesty effectively, its got me pretty far, iv come a long way since i was growing up, and i really only started to realise how the world is and my own potential when i was 18, im now turning 22 and have read countless books on matters like annunaki etc etc listened to countless people preaching but not explaining how to properly practice what they preach,
it would be nice to hear of someone who claims to be in touch with the higher plane of existence that doesnt charge money for a dvd on some sort of technique they're offering! but i suppose they gota survive in the monetary system too... oh well
why not make it cheaper? everybody wins...
i think (and this is my opinion) that hopefully if we all just try and be good people it will create a sort of ripple effect and just create positive energy for forces that we cant even comprehend to use for the greater good.... so basicly just live your life with the values of superman lolz

oh and last thing i hope one day all the peeps like david icke, wilcock , project avalon and camelot, disclosure project, jordan maxwell etc can all come together under one banner and really push for the truth to come out...UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL

and what can i say about the apparant quarrel going on between dan burisch and project camelot lol i meen LOL so silly im absolutely offended how petty humanity can be, they quarrel because camelot hasnt interviewed someone not of white skin, how sad! maybe its arguments like these that make the good guys in the sky stay away..??????


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