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Could Airborne Hydrocarbons Be The Purpose Of The Oil Spill?

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:03 PM
Is it possible that the oil spill was not an accident, and that the airborne byproducts of the "spill" are what the persons responsible were hoping to release in the first place?

The reason I am posting this thought and question, which came to mind a short time ago, is because I wonder what sort of impact the airborne hydrocarbons from the oil gusher will have on the environment in terms of climate change. I don't buy into the whole global warming agenda offensive that has been underway by the power players, but I find it hard to dismiss the science (hydrocarbons trapping heat in the atmosphere) behind that agenda. So my question, and my concern, is if it is possible that the oil spill was instigated on purpose in order to put large amounts of hydrocarbons into the air for the sole purpose of spreading them via air currents such as the Gulf Stream as a means of trapping heat in the atmosphere.

I recall hearing about the Problem, Reaction, Solution mentality after 9/11, and wonder if that applies to this situation as well. With the recent crumbling of the global warming plans as a result of "Climategate", a new means of moving that agenda forward needed to be found. What better way than by taking advantage of the Earth itself? Pour out millions of gallons of hydrocarbons directly into the environment while claiming to trying to solve it. Due the inaccessible nature of the source of the hydrocarbons, the peons of the world such as you and me can do nothing but believe that every ounce of effort is being made to stop the flow. But in fact very little is being done because the spill is precisely what is desired. And because the corporation responsible is controlled by those people behind the whole situation in the first place, they can control every aspect of it.

This whole idea doesn't sit well with me, but it makes sense, and would not surprise me one bit considering what we have seen those in power do in the past.

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