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How the Game that "God" and "The Devil" play ends.

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 03:26 PM
od and the Devil are said to be at war for the souls of men.
Some people feel God has abandoned man.
Some people feel The Devil is ruling over man.
God has a reason to play absent in his game, and that reason is:
If only The Devil has played then it's 100% logically provable that The Devil is the only one at fault for any and all reasons man has sinned.
God plays his game as a witness to Satan's sin's by sending pure souls (Born as martyrs) to Earth in the final time before judgment day.
God's last move is that the God's return from a long journey just in time for Judgment Day. And their returning proves God was not even here playing and thus proving his innocence and proving The Devil's faults.
God will win simply by not interfering until the end.

It was the Devil who made rules and laws of control.
It was the Devil who made the idea of the Church for Worship.
It was the Devil who made the idea of controlling man with the concept of no sex before marriage. And marriage. So as to sell him Porn and sex in media & T.V.
It was the Devil who caused the recent Earth disasters using HARRP.
It was the Devil who caused man death and cancers and diseases by pollution mans food and water and air adding radiation waves and microwaves radio waves ect. it all interferes with the mind body spirit and soul.
If the Devil is the only one playing then he is the only one at odds with himself on earth. Thus all wars are his own doing.
Because he controls both sides at war. (Both teams at war are with hate and anger thus with the devil) As one side controlled by the devil states X the other side also controlled by the Devil states Y so they will always go to war with one another unless they learn to listen instead of being too full of Ego to admit when they are wrong or to listen to the opposing team.
"The Devil never listen's to his own reason why he's attacking his own kind he's to proud"
I think the idea this time around is not to punish Satan but to reward him with his very own planet and the people who still worship him after God's return, and so if they get their own planet and still go to war with each other then they will simply blow their own selves up so God doesn't have to.There for ultimate proof of who truly is at fault. As they can bare witness to their own faults of destructive force and realize they are the only ones at fault for their own demise.
Thus we will copy and paste a new earth making two earths. One for the positive people with love in their hearts and one for the negatives with black in their hearts.

"God" is associated with the truth, and "The Devil" associated with the lie. Read more here:

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