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RobertAntonWeishaupt an apology is in order SIR

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 03:08 PM
Please apologize and research my posting I would never ever support Halliburton or BP. These people are criminals of the highest order I am sorry you do not appreciate my BPD estimate. Fact I have a showdown with a Halliburton guy or supposed Halliburton guy and was drinking wine because I am furious what happened with this event.

I am sorry you are prejudice against my name I suppose changing it into something people can deal with better is more appropriate yet why? Why can't i keep my name and stay true with my belief?

The well is blowing @ 30,000bpd I am sorry if you disagree this is my estimate and I am no expert NO ONE IS if so we would have a correct number?!

You still owe me an apology for even associating with Halliburton archangel of BP and Satan!

No links provids research please, thankyou

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