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UFO - Rome Military soldiers film - 06/06/2010

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:33 AM
Sorry for last post I now have translation hope this ok
Video is Italian but translation below.

(anchorwoman) we will now show you an exclusive video footage of an UFO sighting in Rome, this video was filmed by three soldiers, take a look;
(journalist) they are three flying object and they are floating on air, they were filmed while flying in the sky above Rome last night; the images have been filmed with a camera phone by three soldiers who were in service in front of the USA ambassador's residence in the Vatican City (Santa sede),
part 2
Monteverde district, two steps from Saint Peter's, and were immediately hand in to the Carabinieri; as you can see there are no objects around to use as reference points that can give us exact distance and size of the unidentified flying objects; it seems that they have a sphere shape and they float above the Vatican; they appear and disappear changing quote;

part 3
cold irony: the soldiers who have filmed these objects are based in the antiaircraft division and are specialized in recognizing the flight path of planes; since 1978 it's the "Aereonautica Militare" that is in charge of sightings and registers them;
(military) about 300 before 2001, after 2001 we have a more precise statistic on 50, 55, sightings;
part 4
journalist) aliens or not, the unidentified objects after a few minutes moved west, assuming the shape of a 40 degrees angle
(anchorwoman) well, who knows….
altitude, not quote, sorry

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 12:11 PM
I saw this on tv this afternoon...twice. First on Studio Aperto then on another channel.

I wonder if they'll show this on "Mistero" next week. It's a show about ufos, mysteries & conspiracies. There's a section of the show where a ufo-photo/video expert tries to determine whether a sighting is valid or just a hoax or something else.

I'll try to look up for more info...

I found this video on youtube which has been uploaded today.

You can hear the boy telling his "hysterical" girlfriend to shut up and then he asks his father what those objects are. The girl says they're leaving and counts up to five. The boy says that there were seven of those objects before and swears that the video is real and that they're in Rome.

I don't know what those objects are but I can assure you that the video is genuine. They surely filmed it in Rome because I can hear their strong roman accent. They're also filming the sky and not something else, their window is like mine.

Moreover, that video was uploaded by the Italian Research Centre. It has been handed over to them by a group of teenagers who caught those objects on their cellphone on the same day of the soldiers' sighting.

You can read more here:

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