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Ahmadinejad stresses need for a new world order

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
I don't think he means the same NWO as we perceive as being evil here on ATS.

He's right actually, we do need a shift in political though and practice in this world in order to deal with the concerns and issues arrising in our 21st century world.


No it's the same thing. He is being groomed to be the next big enemy of the world and he is filling his role rather well. Anyone who actually thinks that he isn't bought and paid for like the rest of the leaders in the world is out to lunch. He is not a rebel or thumbing his nose at anyone. He saying and doing all the right things if you want to pick a fight. Iran even offered to escort the flotillas for crying out loud lol.

He has openly spoken of conspiracy theories and even 9/11 to an extent so he is very aware of the term New World Order and the associations with the term. He and his advisers are not idiots they have internet. Why would he say it if it is generally associated with a global government? Hitler even used the term lol. Nah this was said for a specific purpose. As a nod to the masters.

Ahmadinejad is either a total fool when it comes to PR or deliberate I believe it is the latter.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:28 PM
Old news

That was back in April.

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 08:30 PM
"If every group had honest input then that would solve most of the problems that most people have with world government."

thats what it looks the PM of Iran is saying.

Compare that to the stuff the west claims he has said which has been proved false time after time after time ad nauseum...

After the threats and lies which are spewed thicker and fowler then gulf oil to and about Iran, and then it turns the Iran haters have done infinitly worse
one can only become disgusted with the hypocritical dishonest detractors of Iran

the US installed Shaw of Iran and his secret police which replaced the democratic government of the day is as far as one has to look

remember how Iran was supposed to be supplying the Iraqi resistance with ordinance and then when the cache was unveiled it turned out to be of Israeli, British, and American manufacture?
etc etc etc

To support today's detractors of Iran is to support the lowest form of tyranny...something every American Patriot has sworn to stand against...
what does that say of any American that doesn't stand against that tyranny?

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 09:22 PM

To enforce Sharia on non-Muslims in non-Muslim lands would be forcing others to Islam, which is forbidden according to Islamic traditions. Unlike Christianity, Islam doesn't feel the need to convert others to their religion, though they won't turn someone down who seeks out Islam on their own.

Tell that to the Brahman class in India, who either hand to convert to Islam or loose their heads during the Moghul invaision.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by Angiras

You have your history wrong, friend. You also have your spelling wrong as it's "Mughal", not "Moghul". The Mughal Empire in India was actually famous for being religiously tolerant. Furthermore, while some (very few) Indians were converted to Islam by the sword, most were not, contrary to popular belief. Most Indians converted to Islam through inheritance, economic integration and/or marriage. We know this because of census data. In other words, "religion by sword" in India as it pertains to the Muslim conquests, is just a myth.

Regardless, this was ancient or pre-modern times, when Christians were the most famous for forcing conversions. The world, including the religions in those times, were inherently different than they are today.


posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by Beefcake

I Agree 100%. you never have to look very far to find the bad guy and he always does just the right things to kick off a war. They could not get the reaction they wanted from Swine flue, they could not get the reaction they wanted from north Korea, they could not get the reaction they wanted over Iran. So now they will get Iran to send those ships to Gaza, Israel will do their bit and BINGO, World War III.

Not to mention the fact they are de-populating the planet with the gulf spill (Oh and its on fire - BOP ON FIRE ) for real check out the thread.

To be honest I think they should have done a Survivor Idol. we all get to go on TV and do something to demonstrate why we should be allowed to live. if you are not very good then they hit the big red button and you get dropped on top of the BOP and burned to death.

I'm still hoping somewhere in my ancestry there was an evil doer that buys me a seat on the new Council for Nothing Matters.

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