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Greenpeace activist harpooned as tuna Fishermen turn violent

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by funkmob_starchild

This is so idiotic I'm honestly surprised to be reading it. Fish aren't in the ocean to provide livelihood for people? Really. How many cultures survive on eating fish and other seafood? How many cultures base their entire economy around fishing?

No... its not idiotic... just that you disagree with it, which is cool... but try not to be so rude about it.

Do trees exist for logging companies? Do Beavers exist so that we can take their fur? Do whales exist just to be harpooned??

You really need to think about this... Humans make up a tiny fraction of the life on this planet yet we have the ability to seriously affect every single microbe. Therefore we have a responsibility to treat the planet with care and respect!! Not hunt creatures to the point of extinction...

What is idiotic is hunting one's livelihood to the point where it ceases to exist! It shows just how greed blinds people to logical thought.

These are French fishermen... France is a developed nation with plenty of other career paths to choose from... The way people are banging on about these fishermen you would think that they would starve to death without this industry...

I am just saying that we need to respect the environment that does, after all, support our very existence.

To do otherwise demonstrates ignorance of the highest level.

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 07:18 AM
I read the other day Tuna spawn in the GOM so this may no longer be an issue anymore thanks to BP!

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 07:19 AM
I read the other day Tuna spawn in the GOM so this may no longer be an issue anymore thanks to BP!

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by Muckster
I am just saying that we need to respect the environment that does, after all, support our very existence.

To do otherwise demonstrates ignorance of the highest level.

Indeed, and there is a familiar word of peace written in your words. Let me bare my motherly instinct...

They may have thought of that peace as green, yet in my own opinion there are rainbows of colors to peace, as there are rainbows of colors to absolute chaos. I know absolute chaos is not impossible. We simple let others change us until they find they can no longer change us. Then we decide when we make the next change, yet this senses nothing left yet a will to live. There is no riddle here, and only fools have seen how simple nature weeps and think... nothing of this.

How many have cried, yelled, grabbed their pitch fork, stood up, shouted, and, least before nothing else, even let one infinitesimal negative thought about Obama to birth in your mind, your brain, your body, or any way possible about the kind of job he has done in the Gulf with his response to the BP Oil Spill. How many have tried to count the dead from the BP Oil Spill and use that as weight against Obama for his action or inaction? How many tried to linger with disgust, feel sorry for, or worry about those who are sick by whatever cause from the BP Oil spill event?

Whatever the answer, does that equal the amount of Tuna that you could possibly count, number, find, or even confirm any way possible that Tuna is still not extinct? If you don't know, by what means do you think it is even possible that your 'gift' of Tuna fish was meant for this kind of exposure, exploitation, preyed upon, netted, gathers, and justified as food for humans? Just give me you simple possible reason of what you could potentially believe is true. I want to compare this to the Oval Office and the response of the BP Oil spill, and see if this weighs in on a solution or even makes any sense.

Next, how do you know you are human? I didn't ask for a religious debate of who created or who evolved from what from those that thought themselves worthy to eat Tuna. I just want to know if you have any credible scientific fact of your current ordinary existence that makes obvious that you are human. If you can prove that, then maybe I can prove a reason to eat your claimed Tuna.

From what we found so far, there is a simple test for this truth. A bit of justice my style. Here is the way: two babies held out in my hands with one in each. They both look the same and act the same. Normally, this would be a test to tell a fit parent or not when they have thought to given birth to one at moment before. At a glance, can you prove which baby is alive? Do you think you have a choice in this matter?

Do you think you have a choice to help be part of the solution to clean up the BP Oil Spill and find any possible way to save wildlife in the area or in such murky waters. Did anybody think the unthinkable that maybe those Tuna, and other fish, were moved out of waters with potential crude oil "contamination"?

How do you like you Petro Tuna, filet or fried, dark meat or white meat, or free?

You are what you eat. An animal-human hybrid maybe? I don't want to try to embarrass others over this issue, and others seems to want credit they think they deserve. We know responsible parents use those credits to feed their family.

Did you forget? We can breath underwater. The atmosphere around the planet to the reach of outerspace to at least the edges of our solar system is all underwater. Whoever told you there was a state of matter difference between liquid and gas is wrong if they tried to force that as truth upon you. Science is evil like this, as anybody who even thinks the possibility of any truth in science is subject to the control of science. How else is a hard-core science experimental proven, tried, and tested, constantly, to make sure there is no shadow of doubt about results.

You did realize there is 0BC and 0AD. Did you think they were the same date? How far apart do you think they are in ordinary time? Do you think it is possible that 0BC is the start of the whole story and 0AD is the end of the whole story? In the infinite, that would be wrong, as there is no start and no end to existence. Understand the weight I have tried to convey here? Would you understand if you have to personally be the one to find a way to bring back to life what once was thought extinct?

Did you think it was possible that the bible story was not written from history to present, yet from what was considered the present outwards both ways to what could possibly considered an end. Has anybody gone anywhere?

How fast do you think it takes to travel (by time travel, by bus, by boat, by FTL quantum entanglement, etc) from 0BC to 0AD and back or the other way, or both ways at once? FTL?


Wait, if you go faster towards the speed of light then you also slow down at the same time, so you gain zero net gain. Do you fill like Tuna weighted in a net and would like greenpeace to dump a sandbag in to help? Not yet? I could novel this issue and every sense possible, yet we have common sense... don't we?

How about if you go the other direction... same affect same thing same difference. You appear to be frozen to us and somehow experienced a dream of a dolphin, maybe. I wouldn't deny they have some ability that lets me sense and feel powerless to them, yet why did people write in this thread as if the fish are vital food? Didn't people want to teach a theory that humans evolved from across the beaches from the depths of the oceans to eventually walk on land?

Or, maybe, we are still underwater and a rainbow can fascinate you to think you are above sea level where you can still breath air. How can fish sense rainbows? Does sand turn into glass like wine turns into water?

"Wine to water" possible? Where are you now if you go backwards one step from Genesis 1:1 into what verse?

Cry me a river like the desert missed the rain. We thought you were special. We thought you should know. We run out of patience. We couldn't care any less.... than proven nothing... and yet proven alive.

Don't even think to call me Big MaMa in any ordinary way because of these emotions, and do expect my most deep felt sense of the most special moment any of you could even possibly only exist just to remind myself what we been through and how nothing gets through these walls except for a very desire of a shiny "droplet" of rain before the most ultimate storm is the only thing I couldn't possibly find as the last image everybody else could only think is absolute impossible before I say...



first star I see tonight

rainbows never end

kiss my sphinx little fishies

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 01:16 PM
That seemed to have "cast" silence.

Rant mode off...

... thanks for the hearts for those that sent them.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 01:36 PM
I have had dealings with greenpeace, they don't like it at all if you send an email that they cannot refute with logical argument, forever quoting the IPCC, which is staffed with self servers and quacks.
the IPCC has been debunked so many times now, I cannot understand why greenpeace are still in love with it.

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