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'Recycling police' hit Bristol (UK) to hand out waste fines

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 06:01 PM
Original source:

TAXPAYERS' money could be spent on "rubbish police" to go through people's bins and fine them if they do not recycle enough.

Well, i am not here to criticize the idea of recycling, I am perfectly OK with that . However, this issue is something to pay attention for : The Big Brother was on the streets , now moving closer and closer to the house of the citizens . Now the Big Brother is going to interfere with your own private life! What is next ? Of course is Big Brother inside your house then finally the last frontier : Big Brother inside your body!

Citizens are all suspected, targeted, watched , cornered , taxed and blamed. It looks more and more like a large scale animal farm, but everyone is happy as long as the TV plays, right?

Concerning the waste management: would it not be better off, simply not have a plastic bag for every few games of food I purchase? Could the corporations simply not provide bag inside bag inside bag countless time before you get to finally eat what you purchase? Would it not be better if the EU food regulations would not demand so many plastic covers everywhere? Or it is easier to blame the buyers?

The solutions are not to spy on the people but to change the way the manufacturing of the products is working. What is the point of moving the production capacities to China in order to abuse the lack of environment protection over there, yet the corporation looks good in Europe or US. Is it not still OUR planet? is China not part of this Earth, are Chinese people not part of us?

O, i got it .. it is easier to carry on the wrong way then just accuse the customers for all the wrong int he world! And spy him/her over this!

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posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 06:14 PM
what gets me is I pay for the packaging and pay extra tax where's my share from the recycled stuff I throw out....

it's like their looting for anything to make a buck these days,

next they will want my toilet paper as soon as I have wiped!

money should be spent elsewhere

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