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Burma's Brutal Junta Seeking Nukes? = Chevron's Nukes?

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 07:58 PM
Reports are surfacing that Myanmar/Burma's repressive military dictatorship are trying to
acquire nuclear weapons with &/or from North Korea.

Senator Jim Webb, who had a meeting scheduled with these murderous thugs, canceled it.

Chevron is the oil giant that subsidizes and conspires with these brutes,

so maybe this is Chevron's attempt to have nukes by proxy of the Myanmar junta.

US senator nixes Myanmar trip over nuclear concern

By GRANT PECK (AP) – 6 hours ago [03 June 2010]

BANGKOK — A U.S. senator [Jim Webb] on Thursday postponed a trip to Myanmar, saying it is a bad time to visit because of new allegations that
its military regime is collaborating with North Korea to develop a

nuclear program.

. . . also concerns that Myanmar had broken a U.N. embargo on buying arms from North Korea.
. . .

Webb's statement cited news reports it did not identify. "From the initial accounts,
a defecting officer from the Burmese military claims direct knowledge of such plans, and reportedly has
furnished documents to corroborate his claims," his statement said.

The website of the Doha-based Al-Jazeera satellite TV station said Thursday it will broadcast a program Friday with evidence that
"Myanmar's ruling generals have started a program to build nuclear weapons (and) are trying to develop long-range missiles."

As we can see with the BP gulf disaster the US military works for large corporations in violation of the Constitution.

So i am wondering, how many major global corporations are nuclear armed powers in their own right?

If Chevron has nukes of its own it won't have to put up with all that PR nonsense that BP has had to when it creates its own even larger, world's largest environmental disaster.
And there are all those lawsuits Chevron [Texaco] faces with all the Amazonian rain forest horrors it created & left there.
If you try to sue them they might just threaten or use a nuclear weapon on you.

Just a thought.

A horrifying, frighteningly reality rooted thought.


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