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Pre-Market Conspiracy - banks up market up

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 07:53 AM
now we have been told you can not time the market... ? my last thread basically, was a clock job... so, you can time the market - and stochastics are a good guage to use to figure out when something should move.
but what causes stocks to move...? well, lets do a experiement ....
Pre-Market today says the Banking Sector should go up as money is moving into
banks pre-market --- my experience is that if the market is going to close higher that day - then the banks must rally pre-market... OK, without money stocks dont move.... that says the tools they claim tell you what and when are not even part of the decision... so if you use FUndamentals ... well the word starts with FU... u figure it out...

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 10:03 AM
well pre-market told us to expect a upward bias to the market -
when you trade the market we use Support and Resistance and
relative strength.
the amount of money coming into the market is sufficient to keep a postive tick to the market - now I look for support and resistance points,
typically the market people in the know buy at .13th cent and .87th cent and use the .00 to exit ... retail people or FISH buy on the .00$ or .25 or .50 price points. (those who buy on these points - well fish, go catch'em)

anyway, support is a area in the chart where the market declines but the stock refuses to go down any further (BUY SIGNAL on Stochastic W,D,15)
the current resistance points are 10,080 (DOW) and as you can tell we keep hitting it and falling from it... so that is resistance.
now look for the resent lows and notice that level is support. a point to where the stock stops falling.

now, using the Weekly - Daily - 15 minute Stocastics draw a flat line on all bottom points and do the same for all high points.... is the stock stepping up or stepping down...? down, go to the next if your looking to go long on a Key Reversal.

its a mind game - where they keep filling you with crap so you dont investigate before you buy ....
beware the media - they will steer you wrong one way or another. (you will do much better by turning the box off and just listen to the stock you want to trade).

If you found this information helpful - please donate to Phil Grande's Charities. Boggy Creek Camp, orlando., american cancer society "rocks"
St. Jude childrens hospital.

in addition, what business does not have employee's, inventory, thats right, its the perfect business - one click and your liquid - you cant do that in business.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 02:16 PM
ok, its one hour before the close - lets see what the banks are saying....

alright - as the pre-market banks up as theorized - prediction, which we have been told is difficult if not impossible to predict...

ok, I just got through examining the charts and for today we have seen the high, the stochastic is favorible to sticking in the overbought territory.
we could stay here in overbought for a day or two but most of the move is made. today - which aint much - so over all not good for sustained rally.
volume is decreasing / market gaining (?) - not good for a sustained rally
banking stocks in sector:
XLF - still selling down support at 13.87
BAC - better than xlf, support at 14.87
C - ok, support at 3.87

I just formed an opinion - we are early - lets watch ...
weekly stochastic still downward biased - no long stocks
daily stochastic suggest no direction (hold)
15 min. most are in overbought territory - protect or take half

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