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Iceland To Create Journalistic Safe Haven

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posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 11:22 PM

The goal of the IMMI proposal is to task the government with finding ways to strengthen freedom of expression around world and in Iceland, as well as providing strong protections for sources and whistleblowers. To this end the legal environment should be explored in such a way that the goals can be defined, and changes to law or new law proposals can be prepared. The legal environments of other countries should be considered, with the purpose of assembling the best laws to make Iceland a leader of freedoms of expression and information. We also feel it is high time to establish the first Icelandic international prize: The Icelandic Freedom of Expression Award.

Admittedly, this sounds good on paper and would be a step in the right direction for Free Speech and Free Press. It's unfortunately rare to see a government take steps toward protection of freedom of expression, so I'm understandably skeptical.

If their intentions are indeed honorable, it would be great to see governments around the world adopt such measures as a sort of international standard for internet freedom.

But again, I'm skeptical. I just don't generally trust government. I'm wondering what others on ATS think about this.



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