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Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:46 AM
With 2000 miles of border to cover, Border Patrol agents have their work cut out for themselves.

9 years after 9/11, our borders are too vulnerable and the list of OTM's are growing, however, the
Captured OTMs Lists" are no longer published by the Government.

What is an OTM? It is an acronym for "Other Than Mexican".

Channel 2 was able to obtain a copy from a Congressional Staffer and found that out of a quarter million people were apprehended trying to cross the Mexican border in the Tusan sector alone, many were Afghans. Egyptions, Iraqez, including 20 Samalis with ties to Al Khaita , who were released from a Mexican prison and believed to be headed to America. Furthermore,cClose to 20% have criminal records, and our borders remain a Major Threat.

Georgia Congressman Paul Brown, who sits on the Homeland Security Commitee, was shown the lists and he had not seen them before. He wanted copies to take with him back to Washington after he read,
"Iran, 42. Iraq, 42 ..."

"We Must Secure Our Borders!"

A great short Investigative report..

Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security Part 1
Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security Part 2

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:05 AM

Originally posted by imd12c4funn

9 years after 9/11, our borders are too vulnerable and the list of OTM's are growing

What is an OTM? It is an acronym for "Other Than Mexican".

Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security Part 1

Channel 2 Investigates U.S. Border Security Part 2

Excellent report

MIddle eastern terrorists are infiltrating into the country via the weak American/Mexico border.

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by Freedom or Death

I love that Broomhandle Mauser. In spite of it's reputation for being hard to clean and maintain.

My cousin made a trip to Tucson to see the OK Corral and wild west show several years ago. On the way back he had to urinate so he pulled off the road and followed a trail back into the bushes. He found a staging area for illegal aliens with all the usual clutter they leave behind. He also found something else. About a hundred black ski masks and gloves. Now why would somebody need to hide their identity from their fellow traveling companions on the road to a better life in America? I had photos, but they got lost in a hard drive crash.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:21 AM
As soon as people realize that we are not born with the ability to know the difference between good and bad, then we can realize that we can never truly analyze what most people are here for. Ski mask's.. for most that's called camouflage.

Of course there are people that have bad intentions, but are you saying that most immigrants are bad? Do you know that? Can you read minds? NO.

So unless we can ask our so called government to watch our backs from the outer and inner threats of the world, we can never really think that we have this figured out. We cant even be protected from them.

IMO people that come to such websites as ATS can honestly say that they come here because things aren't the way they seem. But when you come to conclusions about people, or their intentions, then you cannot say that your indifferent, but that you have a like mindedness as most.

I come here for thoughts from people that do their research, that know that TPTB have their grubby little hands on things that control the system, and if the system aint right... well then everything is according as planned.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

As we are praised for our diversity, rather than our similarities, as our family units are deteriorating, both parents working (having both parents in a family is getting rarer), while a child is cared for by strangers at a day care, while the Government may intervene for any reason, take a child and force one to court to plea to a de facto judge for the return of your child, While the MSM, PTB, Banksters, Financial Companies et al break the RICO law perpetually, while the Treasury transfers half of the peoples investments through risky stock investments and other instruments of financial thievery to their pals, and so on, the nation our forefathers built is being dismantled one brick at a time, yet the foundation is still sound, and they have not been successful in attempts to undermine this solid infrastructure yet, but they sure have victimized society repeatedly throughout history.

The S & L scandal of the '80's, IMO, was a precurser for the ravaging that has been taking place of late, this time however, on a scale that is beyond comprehension, all executed while Congress looks away, inflicted with deafness, mute voices and costly, ineffective spending to the pleasure of the elite, ignoring constituants expectations of them without constitutional right of redress, avoiding their mandate, avoiding proper investigations and allowing subphoenas to be ignored in contempt of congress without consequence, and now, we have open border to the south where all who wish to may sneak in and cause havoc, yet to the north, a police-state type border check point is massive east to west with interogatory questioning, detainment and searches take place as if Hitler himself was running the show, makes for a great conspiracy theory and is left at that.

Meanwhile, Congressmen, even those sitting on committees of Homeland Security, are unaware of the no longer published lists of known terrorists, and others caught attempting to enter from the south. Imagine how many are not caught, or are released and get through on future attempts then blended in with the masses to subvert attempts to locate them while they plan terrorist plots within our own borders.

You make a good point and if everyone with eyes could see, everyone with ears could hear, and everyone with knowledge of the truth could speak, Most of the administration, Congress and Military hierarchy whould be in shackles awaiting execution by fireing squad for high crimes and misdemeaners against the Republic.

However, since unity is thwarted and diversity is proclaimed as our greatest achievment, we are doomed to self destruct as so many other great nations have throughout history.

We must keep the foundation safe from those who would break it's integrity. This is fundamental for our survival and should the cornerstone be broken, it will be too late.

The wars provoked by the 9/11 attack were pandered as war on terror. The Military Industial Complex has prospered as never before with "Good ol' boy" no bid contracts and a flowing stream of cash left unchecked so those suckling the teet of the stream can get away with theft unnoticed such as the case of the pallets of missing 100 dollar bills, the disclosure of trillion unaccounted for on 9/10, lost in the debris along with many evidences against the likes of Enron, Global Crossing and other diabolical companies forging documents and stealing our investments as if taking candy from a baby, unhindered.

What to do?

I don't have the answers. It is obvious with even this short investigative report, but to no avail. I digress.

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