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How can I learn to read my own dreams?

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posted on May, 30 2010 @ 09:46 PM
Where is a good start to learning to read my own dreams? I have been interested in dreams since the many enlightened ones I have had, but so far I get people to interpret them for me. I have been to other dream websites and looked at the dream dictionaries online but is this enough? I would appreciate the help!

posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 03:02 PM
Have you ever heard the phrase "Do it your OWN way" it usually means a lot and that you will have to find a way that suits you and that's best for you and you will find this answer from asking within your Inner-Self/Higher Self.

What is good is that you are using your "time" wisely to ask questions and do your OWN homework and research information and material that can benefit you in many ways.

I will explain how I started to LEARN from my Dreams/Visions. Its quite easy once you get the hang of it and as you said in your U2U that once you have a Higher understanding/level of Awareness you can pretty much control your OWN psi abilities.

I have walked many paths so I DO understand the OPPOSITIONS to both LIGHT/DARK, GOOD/BAD, RIGHT/WRONG/ etc.

Just remember this though Good is not Evil, Evil is not Good.

Because killing is wrong so is murder, rape, stealing. I once nearly got sucked into the sceam believing that fighting on tour was good and that I did it for my loved ones. How WRONG was I and I am glad I have never pulled the trigger on anybody. I believe that's why I experienced that entity in my last days on training/camp more of a "Subliminal message" that it was "do not come back", "you do not belong here" and I understood that message very well through at the "time" it was FEAR.

But over the year's my understanding that FEAR is just a way to control society into their own belief systems and especially when somebody like me see's and bumps into a REAL et it does take a lot out of a person because you don't want to say anything cus you'll get in the S**t and then their's a side of me that wanted to speak up but knew IF I did I would really be in the s**t.

So I just kept quiet for 7 months and 2 years later I started to speak up about it. However I have kept my word to that contract as I have never spoken to Journalists, third parties, media etc as I can speak of on Conspiracy websites and to friend's/families but they cannot have a profession that is in the government sector as that could cause havoc.

You see the thing is it all started with the strange sightings as a child and as I grew older I started having more dreams/visions about events, disasters, people I haven't ever met before until of course I got older these events/disaster's/meeting people DID start to occur/happen.

*Hence the reason/purpose for my Avatar name "Clairvoyant" Because its one of my strongest pysic abilities I've had since a kid.

As for negative entities I've heard a lot from numerous accounts of people's stories including my friend's not all of them but a few of them have encounter weird sighting's and horrible experiences from my local area.

What was even freakier was when I went to the garage late one night and dreamt about my mate telling me a story of when he was a kid and his experience of et's and he told me that night and I started to speculate but then we both saw this small gray walking towards my car on his cctv footage.

Then he got so scared that he locked the main doors to the garage and I was told he could see something in my car well people started to drive into the petrol station around 1am that morning and they said they could smell eggy smell almost like Sulphur near my car.

It wasn't until those people left that my mate said he saw a blacker than black being in the back of my car so I said "quit pissing about, that's not funny!" and he said be careful. So I went back to my car and checked all around it/under it and looked slowly into the rear seats only to my horror when I got inside my car it reaked/stunk of Sulphur.

It wasn't like that 10-15minutes before. Freaky.

Then my sister's fella popped by one night he also will be joining in the Army this year and plus it takes a lot for him to get scared however he mentioned to me when he got into the house that he heard a hissing sound from the back of my car and I said "like what" he said not a snake or a cat but a really loud hissing sound.

So my sister's boyfriend went to have a look, it was only until he walked towards the back of my car he saw something blacker than black jump behind the vechicle. So he went to his car and got his crowbar out the boot he then told my sister to go inside the house and wait inside. To his horror he slowly backed off and locked up his car and didn't turn his back on this thing and walked back into the house he asked me for the keys and locked the door. I then said to him "so what did you see" and he was 'mute' and very scared.

I said "so com'mon then, what did you see?" and he said that black et thing you were talking about I saw its eyes staring right back into mine and it just kept hissing at me".

So poor old "B" decided to call it quits.

Anyway back to dreams/visions you will understand your dreams/visions a lot better because you will experience a lot more things in your daily life that will become beneficial to your dreams/visions, visa-versa.

Takre Care.


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