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NASA: Is Approaching Space Object Artificial?

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

please guide me where the sites are and the books you read please so i can be lead to believe

or even a big list of Space Junk ! Failed Moon Probe's or Exploration Probes Etc.. USA USSR , or any other county..

Seeing that im having a hard time locating the Sites and Books Videos please direct me and other Member on this site it would be helpful and i would appreciated it if you could Thanks

Hobbyist Shoots Earth From Edge of Space With Used Camera From eBay

well i guess th public can see for them selves! from the link above! that shows some kinda proof that a Amateur can have it done !

NASA Spends $450 Million for Shuttle Flights; Robert Harrison Uses Weather Balloons, Duct Tape for $750

Hey maybe we can find truth about what is out there with this company !
perhaps even that Space Object Artificial Thingy that is the TALK of this Thread! let see what it is ! if its a Booster or not or a Lost mission , a Decades Moon probe failure USA & USSR ?

Bigelow Aerospace watch video !

Still they have to get permission from NASA ? the Government ?

Here Weedwhacker and the Brilliant minds of ATS want a JOB!!!!

Bigelow Aerospace is Looking for you !

look below for the listing !
Bigelow Aerospace Career Opportunities

Bigelow Aerospace is constantly looking for the best and brightest for full-time, on-site employment. Click the link of the position to view the full job posting.

I wouldn't be qualified !

ohh Perhaps these people can see what that Object is !

New Private Rocket Soars Into Space on First Flight

Can you please explain these videos below thanks

ok now off i go to watch MONSTER ZERO I Have a Copy For Sale
I Forgot i Already have it ! want it ? it in my Video Collection that movie a Godzilla movie is more Believable is it behind Jupiter! Nibaru LOL next is When Worlds Collide a SCIFI Classic ! Maybe its Abandon UFO That Object ! that is claimed to be a Booster

ohh here something

the Space cams Ufos that where caught or it was leaked !
any comment to this ! ?


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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 10:53 AM
In my opinion

They say it is likely it came from earth BECAUSE
It is unlikely alien's are visting us
That is why it is likely.

For those of us in the know, we know which is more likely, but both are possible.

I want first contact, I hope it comes in my lifetime, but it will come someday. You've only got to type 'UFO' into youtube and watch the NASA videos at the top and you should be absolutely 100% convinced.

You know what REALLY does it for me, one of the most sound UFO clips ive ever seen is when an object flies very low to the ground past the moon, and the NASA moon satelitte's motion sensor turn's to face it, now THAT is convincing.

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 03:00 AM

Originally posted by Mr Zeropoint

They say it is likely it came from earth BECAUSE
It is unlikely alien's are visting us
That is why it is likely.

It is LIKELY that aliens are visiting us, at least according to Enrico Fermi, leading scientist of the 20th century and Nobel-prize winner in physics :

I think NASA just said that it was likely to be an upper stage booster because the near infra red spectral measurements indicate the object has the 'spectral characteristics' of a rocket body, suggesting it is only a few meters in size.

Hardly a Pleiadian Mothership.

Excerpt from NASA's web site :

"Additional observations over the coming months should allow scientists to discern how strongly solar radiation pressure affects the object's motion, a result that could help distinguish a solid, rocky asteroid from a lighter man-made object."

Well, the "coming months" have passed, now being mid-september. I hope NASA is working actively on this thing, but it doesn't seem like it, as far as I can tell from NASA's NEOP. Nothing new on 2010 KQ...

So banal this object, that it's not even worthy of an update, NASA?

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