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State Secret Service (SSS) of England

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 03:11 PM
Every so often a Shakespeare play come on TV and I grab my Complete Works of Shakespeare
to follow along the lines.

I also grab "Marlow Up Close" to see what Ballantine has to say.
Well as she researched the researchers she might relate common knowledge relating to
to plays. According to how the anagram works every two lines must be unscrambled.

1&2 of the play
Now is the Winter of our Discontent,
Made glorious Summer by this Son of

1&2 from Ballantine
In this thing Kit Marlowe wrote of Robert
C.'s demon rise, 'n' some fouy-douys on us:

Now she gives notes:
Robert C. Robert Cecil. Francis Bacon asked for this play to demonize Rob't Cecil.
fouy-douys. Tricks Ceil played to put down Bacon, Essex and Kit.
State Secret Service (SSS) chief Robert Cecil was a secret son of the queen.

All that is probably well known to Shakespearean experts except the SSS reference
Ballantine had found in Marlowe anagrams.

I thought I got into the play better as would reading a summary and a little more.
I never checked her anagrams which is sort of a strict rearrangement to fit a topic.

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