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BP Looping Video? Hole Getting Worse?

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 11:33 AM
I hope this is not true, but since BP does nothing but lie & cover up with the help of government officials,

AND this is dated from May 23 2010, making it more ambiguous,
but here it is.

casing wall has finally
worn through, about 300 feet below seabed, at an annulus (coupling), and the
gas and oil are now finding a
new way out to the seabed
. Not good news, as it will make the Top-Kill/Junk Shot nearly ineffectual… At the least, it means that more pressure and mud/cement is going to be required.
. . .
“BOOM” and black:
The entire range of field erupted at once. Everything. Everywhere, and then the pipe went
. . .
I suspect loop tape,

Big eruptions, big flumes of oil, looping of Video by British Petro. I don’t think it is getting better down there but worse. This blogger seems to know what he is talking about. I think BP is lying to us and not able to handle the problem down there. No doubt B.P. is up to something-covering their butts mostly.

Could be a blogger yanking chains or just fatigued by too much video monitoring,
But i have absolute distrust of both BP AND US governments [including local 'law' enforcement].

It could be the REAL reason this freaker has been spewing for over a freaking month.

We all know how officials lied about toxic aftermath & cleanup of 911.
They are whoring dirtbags who took sex, illegal drugs & bribes from Oily companies at the MMS.
They are so corrupt & dirty it boggles the naive imagination.

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