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National Banks - The real traitors

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 06:54 AM
Part 1 :

"One may ask , what's with all this nonsense , how can our national banks be called traitors? They aren't the ones taking decisions , making laws or voting .
But in fact they are . They control everything .
Since you are here reading this there's no need to remind of the famous already quote "Let me issue and control a nation's money and i care not who makes its laws"

No matter where you are from you must have heard this many time " The national bank doesn't interfere on government's business .
But does the government interfere in theirs?...

The national banks are the ones imposing the measures for all the commercial banks with branches in your city. They are letting them charge you extra when you only check your balance , the central banks are the ones letting commercial banks impose high rates on their clients , rates that in the contract are said to be fixed but in fact they constantly grow , and it's all legit because of the masked contracts that were presented to you.

All the banks that went in bankruptcy , all the banks that are using unfair practices towards their clients , they all operate under the guidance , the acceptance , the complicity and if we think about it better , maybe they even operate under the orders of your country's central bank

The central banks allow and even financially help all commercial to exist

In less developed countries investitions from abroad are controlled and closely monitored by the central or national banks and not only by governmental agencies. For sure if you live in a financially troubled country , you remember that at least once in your life you saw on the news the big fuss about an investment from abroad, everyone was happy , new jobs, new money as taxes and everything was pink. Well, the only thing that was pink was our clown noses . They made fouls out of us no matter where we are living on this planet.
All that money invested is lost in offshore and shadow companies and can never be traced.

Your national banks gave the thumbs up for the investment . Especially if you live in an ex-communist country you have many examples of state companies being sold to some company from abroad with promises of honey and milk .

It doesn't matter where you live, if you make a search on the history of your national bank you will find out that it's been born somewhere between in the interval 1800-1900 most probably , as this was the period there was a lot of pressure all over the world from some powerful bankers

While doing your search you will find out that most probably the person who was ruling the country in that period either at first disagreed with a central bank , either he was overthrown from power and be sure that the official reason for him leaving is not true.
Either the leader was overthrown for opposing , either the pressure was to high and he finally gives ,
either he agreed with it from the beginning because of being corrupt or just one of theirs.

Many countries were led by foreign leaders as the countries were under foreign occupation or under protectorate. In those countries setting up central banks was easy because most the times the citizens over there weren't important for anyone and they were sought as "guinea pigs"

Why did most leaders , no matter their location on the planet at first opposed central banks?
It is simple : because around 200 years ago leaders were persons loving their country and willing to do everything for the citizens. they were fighting in the first line in every battle . They had dignity and were respectful towards their citizens , unlike the greed corrupted cowards that rule us today.

If you also make a search on your current governator ( first man) in your country's central bank , you will find out that he was schooled overseas . Please don't get me wrong , getting a degree overseas is always good but come on , those from USA go to China and viceversa and those from Italy to Netherlands and the other way around.

If the italian goes to Holland for over there he finds the best schools, how come the one from Holland doesn't stay in his own country at that school that is the best?

They are overseas , studying , away from the problems that occur daily in your country , and after a couple of years , bam, he comes back , he's given an important job in the ministry of finance or something like that after which he is made the number one man in the national bank.

You will be amazed on how all of the persons ruling over national banks studied overseas, with no prior experience before leaving the country , and as he returns he is placed in key positions

They don't represent you or your family , they don't take decisions in your benefit , but in the benefit of those he encountered while studying abroad ... The one ruling your country's central bank is a traitor , he sold you and your family for decades to come
They are the ones whispering in the ears of your president or prime minister : we need those money from the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ), you know we can't get anything from other markets.
Of course they can't get anything ,the same people in charge of National Banks are making pressures on the exact same persons they allowed to operate in a specific country and make fortunes because of unfair practices .

My dog never bit me...

Some countries has less corrupt politicians , others unfortunately have more corrupt politicians .
Wherever the corruption is at high levels there will always be incompetence . These two factors can be vital for a nation and combined with a loan from the IMF , the citizens are doomed for generations to come

Greece already took harsh austerity measures because of the document signed with the IMF , Italy just announced some pay cuts , Spain just was refused a loan on other markets and will most probably turn to IMF ( at least they tried...) in Romania olders are dying in the street yelling their heart out at the politicians , Portugal will follow for sure.

Of course it got to be this way , when corruption raises above the average limit . The governors of the central banks knew this would happen , they know better than anyone else the situation in their countries , they report it to their friends they met overseas ( don't forget them as they are essential to our equation) and everything goes forward as planned "

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 06:56 AM
Part 2 :

"The corrupted politicians that split the population of a country in half because of different political views. People : United we stand , divided we fall...

Corruption is a problem , but not the main one , corruption existed since the first people on earth most probably , but central banks didn't .......
Evolution you say? Ask the greeks how evolved they feel ... or ask yourself when your time will come, because it will for sure

Just make a search, you have the means to do it , try to find out when your national bank was born , who was the leader of your country at that time, did he opposed , were there any pressures for a central bank to be born . Who is the person running the central bank now? Did he studied overseas and suddenly when he came back he was given a key position?
You can find links between him and compromised people in the world...You can be of help.

As you can see the pages of this websites have the names of continents , under a given continent you will be able to find your country and the purpose is that under each country people will be able to find the truth about their national banks and the reason of their suffering

The intention is : people all over the world, people who believe in this, people that are tired of being mocked , to contribute with the results of the searches they made on their national bank

For example the page "Espana" containing information on "Banco de Espana" will be written in spanish , by a spanish citizen or someone who speaks spanish. Each page is addressed to the citizens of the respective countries and that's why it will be written in their national language.
It will also be translated in english for people worldwide to see it , if not by the author of the article , by an online search engine

Everyone from all over the world is welcome to contribute, if your country is not listed send an email with the article on your national bank and a page will be added .

You are the only one who can put a stop to this. You and you and you and together we can end this. They are powerful , they have money , they control almost everything , but they can't control us when we are united and that's what they fear the most. Are you asking who? The friends of the governor of your national bank ( i told you not to forget about them) that he met while studying overseas

This website has no financial gains from anything. The only purpose is to make the people all over the world understand who is responsible for their situation.

If you believe in this but don't have enough time to make a search and make the results available, you can help by linking to us and this way other people will see it and will understand , people that eventually may expose your national bank"

posted on May, 29 2010 @ 06:59 AM
The entire text is taken from this website i created with the purpose stated above

Please don't believe for a second that posting that link here is somekind of marketing , because it isn't . I have no financial gains from that website , my only gain will be to see a lot of people reading the content and contributing with information on their national banks for every one all over the world to see

I know that the majority of people in here are US citizens , so anyone of you with knowledge on federal reserve is welcomed to give it a try , but also there are lots of people from european countries, people that have a lot of knowledge about history , people that are able to see the connections , i am counting on you.


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