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BP Guilty of Hampering Cleanup

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 04:57 AM
BP in conjunction with negligent, complicit US spinelessness is hampering the clean up efforts.

BP is telling the cleanup crews if anyone wears a respirator they will be fired.

7 hired cleaners have gotten ill, presumably from fumes, so the Coast Guard has ordered all crews off the job.

My God, will someone take charge of BP, legality dirtbags & corrupt, conspiring US government clown agencies?

Coast Guard Grounds Ships Involved in Spill Cleanup After 7 Fall Ill; BP Reportedly Preventing Fishermen from Wearing Respirators

At least seven fishermen involved in the cleanup of the BP oil spill were hospitalized on Wednesday after reporting nausea, dizziness, headaches and chest pains. The fishermen were likely exposed to both the leaked oil and chemical dispersants. As a precautionary measure, the Coast Guard has ordered all 125 commercial ships helping with the cleanup to return to land. For weeks, cleanup crews hired by BP have been reporting health issues, but their complaints have largely been ignored.

My anger towards BP executives & US government criminal conspiring clowns has reached unspeakable violent levels.

I would do to them as i would to the war criminals Bush & Cheney if i ever found myself within striking distance.

The people they have hired are the same desperate shimp fishermen BP put out of work with this environmental catastrophe.

If words could kill . . .

They are playing legalism games.

i am ready to nationalize EVERY BP asset in America on outrage alone.

And the spineless, crooked US government can be shut down as a treasonous, terrorist group imo.

People founded the US government & it is high time for them to take direct control back again.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:41 PM
Has anyone considered this pollution faucet intentional?

The overall agenda is to toxify, demoralize, waylay, stupefy, confuse, render feelings of helpless and dependency, generate intense anger, take people's minds off spirituality, raise prices on basics, bankrupt the country and especially the middle class, and all this right before hurricane season which is bound to send if up the beaches, especially with the help of HAARP.

Seems to me this could be a false false flag operation.


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